“God of Carnage” Final Run: And THAT’s how you end a run!

photo c/o @MsLeaSalonga

If you were able to watch God of Carnage over the past few shows, good for you but if you missed tonight’s show, then I’d have to say that you just missed one hell of a show. From the moment I dragged Nica to the RCBC Plaza up to when the house lights went out and the four awesome thespians stepped on stage ‘til the last line was said, I was simply laughing my ass of. It was definitely funnier than last week!

God of Carnage: The best stress-buster!
Photo c/o abs-cbnnews.com
After watching the play last week, I told myself I’d give a look at the movie adaptation. THANK GOD I DIDN’T. Watching tonight’s show was like watching it for the first time. All four casts really took their performance levels to the highest. Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo was, as always, great! No wonder she IS the queen of Philippine theater. And Adrian Pang… oh my, Adrian! He was soooooooo adorable… and nice… and good. I super love his comic timing. You were right, I hope you’d get to have another show here with Lea soon (and not after I-don’t-know-how-many-years again). As for Art Acuña, whoever wrote that his performance failed to be memorable was wrong. He did a great job, too! He’s character was quite annoying, yes, but I don’t agree that he “paled in comparison to the other cast members.” Actually, this ensemble was perfect. Like I said on my first Carnage review, "I liked that their energy and performance levels were all the same. Walang lamunan on-stage."

With Adrian Pang.
Photo c/o Jeff Aguiman
Anyway, going back to the play…

Lea Salonga… should I still need to elaborate? I’m biased so I would say that she was phenomenal. Lea Salonga seemed at ease tonight, especially during one scene when she burst out laughing (which doesn’t seem scripted at all). I like how she laughs. It was so loud it was hard to keep a straight face. Plus, the swearing… Oh my! It’s like Lea like you’ve never heard before. At one point, I even wonder what was she thinking when she’s uttering the F words but I’m sure that whatever’s on her mind at that time, it was a relief. Hey, you don’t get to say F*** on stage all the time, do you? ;) It was definitely a great 90 minutes of sitting and laughing, money well-spent, and a good way to cap your weekend with big grin on your face.
With THE Lea =D
To be honest, I’m not happy that the Manila run is over. NOT AT ALL. I still feel jealous that we never get to have more shows than what they are going to have in Singapore (which will have a 3-week run starting November). Although I am happy to see Lea Salonga and my fellow AFLSers again, it was also sad because it means that we need to wait again for months before we could have another LEAdventure. )=

Just Us Girls: Tin, Lea, Me, and Betsy
Thanks Jeff for the photo!
Oh well, ‘til the next LEAdventures, AFLSers. I can’t wait to see the AFLS US group pic on Allegiance. Congratulations to the cast, staff and crew of God of Carnage (Manila). Thank you for sharing us this wonderful story with us and I do hope there would be a repeat someday. ;)

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