For My Pretty Little Prankster...

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Last July 16th at 10:13 PM, an unknown number 0943-364-1985 texted me with "Hey sexy." Normally, I would simply ignore this kind if text as I always get those kinds of texts in my old numbers. Plus, I usually find them cheap and disgusting so I don't usually reply to those kinds of messages. For me, if anyone wants to tell me something (important), then they can simply say it without any of those lousy pickup lines. But because I'm using a kinda new number, it's a little annoying for me because I haven't really told a lot of people about (my new number). I don't want to waste my 'load' despite being post-paid so instead, I turned to my Twitter account and tweeted this: 

The next day at 10:04 AM, the annoying texter sent another text, which finally made me wonder who is actually sending the message. The message read: "I wanted to prank you longer but your tweet was too funny it sent me to the floor laughing."

Well, guess what prankster? Unless you're A, your 'pranks' will never work on me, especially after your lame confession?! I will never buy that crap! I've already watched and read way too many Pretty Little Liars-esque books, films and tv shows to determine who really wants me ill or who's just messing around.

Oh and yeah, I already have an idea who you are... No need to introduce yourself. So, next time you're planning to prank me, be creative... And avoid giving away too much of your identity. You sent me only 2 texts and I already have an idea. One more text and I will definitely have a name. And keep this in mind: Don't mess with someone who reads and watches Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, and/or The Lying Game especially if you're going to copy the antagonist's way of torturing his or her prey. They're already aware of those tricks. XOXO ;)

"Imitating may be the best form of flattery, but not the best form of writing."

2 shout outs:

Tiny said...

Hahaha! I like the title ! Obviously that prankster wasn't aware na may PLL, Gossip Girl and The Lying Game. Failed! ^_^

JC said...

I know, right? Ako pa pinag-diskitahan, nakakabwisit! Di niya alam kabisado ko ung mga yun. Bwahahaha!