Once A MEG Girl, Always a MEG Girl

Oh God, pls don't ask me to take pics
of ALL of my meg copies, there's
just A LOT.
Fourteen years ago, I was just a high school freshie who was very shy and self-conscious. Although I still consider myself as a shy girl, it was because of meg that I learned to love not just everything about fashion and beauty, but also how to handle things with grace and poise.

I remember when I was in high school and used to dream of seeing my own byline in the magazine. When I was in high school, my only goal was to have a poem published in meg but seven years later, I was so surprised when Veronica (Inoturan, now one of my best friends) texted and told me that they were going to publish an article I wrote for my Feature Writing class for meg’s May 2005 issue. It was something I never expected to happen (since that article was so personal for me because the article was about me and my mom) but was very thankful that it did. A few months after Nica delivered me the good news, I had no idea that that article would actually jumpstart my career with this magazine that I have grown to love.
With Florian (left) and Nica (right)
My first real meg work happened when Nica texted and asked if I could help her with one of her writing assignments. The task was simple: go to UST and interview the basketball player, Japs Cuan. While interviewing him, Nica texted again and asked if I could fly next to NU and do one more interview, then head back to the office to transcribe (the interview) and write the article immediately. It was fine by me, except that I don’t know who to interview. Being the shy girl that I am, asking a stranger for an interview was terrifying for me but thanks to Florian (Cabuyao) for suggesting a name and my fear of letting Pierra (Calasanz-Labrador) and Nica down for putting so much faith in me was trashed. So I sucked up all my fears, went to NU as fast as I can, did the interview, and go back to Strata 100.
With Mabel (center) and Nica (right)
I didn’t know how I did all that but was very happy that Nica and I finished the assignment on time. It was also perfect timing for me to take that assignment because it was during that time when I was already looking for a company where I can do on-the-job training at. As soon as Nica and I finished the task, I officially became a meg intern (with the blessing from Pierra, of course).
With Pierra (left)
Being a meg intern (and the only intern during my time) was no easy task. Aside from the writing assignments, I was also given the task to assist the editors during photo shoots (which I spent most of the time with then Fashion Assistant turned Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Reyes-Isidro), calling different people for confirmation about several events/meetings/photo shoots, help with the meg anniversary party, transcribe an I-don’t-know-how-long interview, and yes, even rearrange their mini library. But apart from everything that I’ve learned about fashion and beauty, it is the people who work behind the magazine that I love the most about meg. From the editors to the contributors, down to the talented photographers, the best part of being a meg intern was having the privilege of working with them and being mentored by my favorite meg editors; something I never thought of happening when I first dreamed about seeing my own name in the pages of the magazine.
With Peewee (left)
Though I have to admit, I stopped reading the magazine from cover to cover ever since the old editors left (because I don’t personally know anyone anymore). However, I still make sure not to miss a copy every month because I still believe in meg. Reading this month’s article about former staffs’ unforgettable moments was also very nostalgic. Pierra was right; once a meg girl, always a meg girl. Even if I’m not as dedicated in reading the magazine as I used to, I still consider myself a meg girl… something I will forever be, despite all the changes it has gone through.  Happy 14th, meg!

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