Because I Can't Take It Any Longer...

The past few days has been like a roller coaster ride for me, even though I don't really like roller coasters. A few days ago, I heard about something that could possibly turn things back to the way it was before. Although I don't want to believe it, I can't help but hope that this could be the kind of change that I have been wanting to happen. But no. After a life-changing experience that happened in exactly two days, I never thought things will be worse than it was. It was doubly hard to witness and harder to carry... because I know there's no longer someone whom I can talk it out to because the only things available were the object of my heartbreak and a rag doll. I know I can't do something that I would later regret just because I'm angry, so I just took it out on my sheets and grab my iPod to write (some of my) frustrations out. So, without censoring it, here are some of what's inside me right now. I won't name names. The following texts below need no names anymore.

1. TRUST and RESPECT are two important things you should never mess with. Right now, it's going down the drain so beware... And don't say you haven't been warned.

2. Ang pinaka-ayoko sa lahat, yung WALANG ISANG SALITA.

3. Kukuha ka lang ng batong ipupukpok sa'men, hindi mo pa nilakihan para siguradong patay.

4. Ang basura, kapag itinapon mo na, hindi mo na dapat pulutin pa.

5. There's a reason why werewolves hate leeches - because of the stench. Yours, however, is worse than an awful wet dog smell.

6. Crucio, Imperio, and Avada Kedavra are three unforgiveable curses from Harry Potter. Of all three, I wish I could do the third on you. I'd "kill" just to do it on you. (=

7. No matter how tight you hold on to it, you will NEVER be welcome here in my castle. (=

8. When I first heard the rumor, I thought there was something fishy about it. I was right. It was all just an act.

9. Many people kept asking me how come I don't have a boyfriend. Seriously? Why would I look for someone who will eventually break my heart when you've already crushed it way too many times?

10. I am so DISAPPOINTED in you.

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

4 shout outs:

Anonymous said...

hey girl, are you doing fine now?

Anonymous said...

pre, are you doing fine now?

JC said...

Bit fine now after writing this, thanks! It just sucks to know that the very person you look up to will disappoint that much. But I'm well now... at least for now. Musta na?

Anonymous said...

buti good ka na... super late reply naman ako :D

eto back to busy world tom :D