When too much is a bad thing...

My sister and I never grew up with a palo. It could be because we got sick the one time our dad hit us, or that they just don’t think it was the right way to discipline us. Growing up, I saw my cousins received spanks here and there, especially if they did something that’s below the belt (like swearing or cursing the adults). To tell you honestly, I think that when it comes to those things, a slight palo is enough. However, as my nephew and nieces grow old, I keep asking myself, “is it ever right to hit a kid when they misbehave… even because of a slightest error?

I personally do not believe that hitting your kid is the best way to “teach them a lesson.” I know some parents here would say I don’t have any right to say these things, that I would never know because I’m not a parent, and/or that sometimes, you just really have to… but that’s beside the point; SOMETIMES. Not every day and neither every time they failed to follow your word.

I also wonder about how could parents tell their kids to “stop crying” or else they would hit them. I mean, how could someone keep a little boy or girl from expressing his or her feelings? They’re just kids and crying their hearts out was their only outlet to let adults know how they feel (besides throwing stuff at you).

I may not be a parent and could be a little tough when it comes to my nephew and nieces (ok, fine, I’m a total bitch when it comes to them) but I would never lay my hands on them. They may hear me shout and exchange words with them but at least (for me); feelings get better after everything had been released. Sorry, I just don’t believe that hitting them would make any difference.

Kayo kaya ang lumugar sa kinalalagyan nila… hindi ba you guys used to curse your folks din before for punishing you? Then why are you doing the same with your child?

Truth be told, hindi matututo ang mga yan if you keep hitting them over and over. Tignan niyo, they’re even starting to hit each other now. Is that the kind of lesson you wanna instill them?

Think about it.

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jhOy said...

i grew up brutally hit! (kiddin) but seriously, i could remember that i was constantly spanked as a kid to be disciplined as well as everyone around was raised that way. i inherited that method and gladly i was able to remove it from my system.

i really dont agree with this method. i hate it and it annoys me much hearing the phrases "papaluin kita", "makakatikim ka sa akin ng palo" etc.

i believe there is a proper way of raising a child coz i see a few well disciplined kids without being spanked.

JC said...

i agree. we never grew up being "palo-ed" but (i guess) we grew up Ok. i just don't see the point of hitting them...

Jakey Junkie The Bunny said...

Splendid thought. Bigla ko lang naalala 'yung blog entry ko before about me getting spanked (which, lumabas din sa NostalgiaManila). I guess parents who take spanking "to the next level" have taken the thought of being disciplinarians the wrong way.

Kaya siguro hindi na talaga tayo dapat magtaka kung may mga batang nagiging bayolente.

JC said...

Siguro depende rin yun with the way the parents "disciplined" (ie; the way they hit) their children. Minsan kasi parents tend to hit the kids without (okay fine, FORGET) explaining it to the kid (why they should get spanked). Hindi kami lumaki sa palo pero sa tingin ko maayos naman kami.