The Wonders of iPod Apps...

Okay, fine. So I'm a bit addicted to photo editors available on iPod. I don't know. I love using those photo editors because it gives life to ordinary (boring, lifeless) photos. See, the secret of editing a photo using your iPod isn't whether you're using the free version or not, but how you use and utilize what you downloaded. In this entry I'm sharing my secret as to how I'm doing all these editing to alot of my photos. I hope you'll find something useful.

1. Iris Photo Suite 1.2
Open the photo that you will edit and start playing around its features. What I love about this particular app is a. it's FREE and b. it's got a lot of features that you can play to. Browse around its feature and find various effects that will add more like to your photo like Polarizer, Vintage, Retro, and so on. Once you've done the first part, click SAVE.

2. Blur FX
Once you're done with Iris Photo Suite, proceed to Blur FX app. Click "Edit New Photo" and find the one that you just edited using Iris Photo Suite. There you can blur the photo as blurry as you want; it's also got some added features like Vignette and filters. When you're finished, again click SAVE.

3. Live FX Lite
Again, open the photo you just edited (using Blur FX, this time). This can be a bit tricky as this is where you need to be a little more creative. What I usually do here first is add a frame (depending on what will look good on your photo). Play around with its feature like Radial Blur, Black and White Vignette, Artificial Flash I and II, Lomo and other else. One thing that also makes me fall in love with this app is that I get to save that edit to a preset, allowing me to use that preset on my next photo editing session.

Here is a sample of three photos I did using the said photo editors. Hope you liked it and learned something.

Original Photo (Click Photo to enlarge)

Edit #1: Iris Photo Suite 1.2

Edit #2: Blur FX

Edit #3: Live FX Lite

(Original Image Source: OfficialMariaKanellis)
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