Charmed, Are You?

I know it's been yearssssssss since Charmed ended but since I wasn't able to add these Qs in the Charmed Trivia on Facebook, why not post 'em here and see if anyone can answer the following:

1. How many times was "Prue" mentioned in the episode Sympathy for Demon?
a. 5x
b. 10x
c. 8x
d. never

2. What spell is this for? "Moments lost make witches wonder, warlocks plot or demons plunder, if this is not a prank, help us to fill in the blanks." (Hint: "Forget Me Not" ep)
a. spell to fill in the blanks
b. memory spell
c. erase the memory spell
d. there's no such spell that exists

3. In Forget Me Not, what is the one and only reason why Chris came from the future? (as said by Leo)
a. to protect Wyatt
b. to save Paige from the Titans
c. to become the Charmed One's new whitelighter

4. In the episode Forget Me... Not, what is Piper referring to when she said: "Secondly, it is my fault because I'm the one that plopped Wyatt in front of the ___?"
a. Book of Shadows
b. Electronic Babysitter
c. Computer
d. None of the above

5. In "Crimes and Witch Deameanors" (Season 6), Pheobe was stripped off her powers; to which episode in Season 7 was she able to gain her power of Premonition back?
a. Styx Feet Under
b. Cheaper By The Coven
c. A Call To Arms
d. Someone to Witch Over Me

6. In the episode "Charrrmed", who did Agent Kyle Brody said he wasn't after?
a. the Halliwell Sisters
b. Inspector Sheridan
c. Darryl Morris
d. Adult Chris

7. In the episode "Charrrmed," what did Agent Brody told Inspector Sheridan when he stopped her from busting Piper and Phoebe at the museum?
a. "I don't want to catch them stealing. I want to bust them at home."
b. "I don't want to catch them robbing the museum. I want to catch them using magic."
c. "I don't want to catch them killing. I want to catch them using their powers."
d. "I don't want to catch them stealing. I want to catch them using magic."

8. In Charmaggedon, what did Phoebe replied when Piper asked her why did the Avatars took Leo away?
a. "Because Leo caused conflict."
b. "Because the Avatars found out that Leo is working with Zankou."
c. "Because Leo allowed the Avatars to kill him."
d. "Because Leo betrayed the Avatars."

9. True or False: There were NO spells casted on the Episode "Charmaggedon."
a. True
b. False

10. According to Paige, what is the "loophole" the Avatars "forgot" to tell them all about?
a. that they we're going to "remove" people in order to maintain Utopia
b. that Demons are still going to kill innocents
c. that they are still going to fight demons
d. that they will "kill" Leo

Answers soon. (=

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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siD said...

I love Prue! But I love Paige more, greatest witch ever! Did you make these questions yourself my loloovess?

<3 siD

JC said...

yeah, imade these up myself. ako i love Piper. but i wanna have Paige's powers (para ican orb everywhere in a blink hehe!) iwonder if anyone can ans these. (=

jhOy said...

omg! wala na akong maalala :D namiss ko tuloy manood

JC said...

haha! you can watch it here:
(tip: watch the Tudou versions, it's faster and better)

xtinepena said...

1. b.
2. b
3. c.
4. b
5. b
6. a.
7. d
8. a
9. a.
10. a

JC said...


1. wrong
2. wrong
3. wrong
4. correct
5. wrong
6. wrong
7. correct
8. correct
9. correct
10. correct