Catching Up... From Two Years Ago!

I wrote this two years ago but I had forgotten to finish this entry because... I don't know. This entry was actually for my Multiply account. And since I've already forgotten about (updating) my account, and it's been almost two years, I decided, "what the hell, I'm gonna publish it now before the (second) year ends."

"Catching Up..."
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hey y'all! It's been quite a while since I last updated this space and I am just happy I'm able to do this today. A lot of things have happened since my last post and as I stated in my previous post, I miss Multiply... A LOT! I really miss blogging in here, reading out my friends' blogs and looking through photos, and just catching up with friends. So friends, are you ready to catch up? (=

Charmed, Charmed and more Charmed! Right now my eyes kinda sore from staying too long in front of the computer doing my work, watching The Hills, and answering endless Charmed trivia questions on Facebook. Nevertheless, I am enjoying what I do and I aim to do this for as long as I can, so long as my client is happy with my outputs. Of course, I would not stop answering Charmed trivia’s as well; even if it doesn't seem like the questions have no end. Actually, I'm kinda pissed off coz I can't have my supposedly daily marathon every night. My portable DVD player got busted and it would take a month before I can use it again (I had it fixed in the auto center). What makes it worse is that the discs wouldn't play in the other player as well and obviously, I can't use my cousin's player everyday. (I'm actually thinking of just buying a new DVD player, not the portable, just so I can watch it again... yaman! =p)

Christmas Rush: As I am writing this I wasn't done with my Christmas shopping yet. Actually, I still have a few gifts to buy and of course, I still have to buy myself a gift. I was supposed to purchase an iPod Radio Remote for myself as a Christmas present but after reading the reviews from apple.com, I am now having a second thought whether I should still buy it or not. I mean, I don't wanna waste P2,500 if it's gonna get broke in less than 1 year... that would really, really suck! I think I will just buy myself an mp4 or a new phone with a built-in FM in it.. Oh well, that's for me to decide tomorrow.

Hit Her Baby One More Time: A few nights ago, I heard my niece crying out loud after she got screamed by her mom. I went outside my room to check and when I get to the living room, I found out that my niece "accidentally" inserted her finger on the electric fan. I checked her finger (to see if it's bleeding) and it's almost limping, but when my brother came rushing, he asked what happened and instantly *slapped my niece. I was shocked seeing my brother do that to my three year old niece so I just left them and go back to my room. When I had gone back to my room I felt kinda pissed off; I mean, how could he do that to that little kid?! I mean, ok, she's done something bad... I'm not in the position to tell them what to and what not to do but come on, have mercy on that kid! My niece knocked at my door and when I opened it, she came to me sobbing. I felt so annoyed and however I tried to comfort her, I could feel that she's hurt deep inside. I feel helpless that I didn't do anything to stop him from doing that, but at the same time, I don't wanna mind them coz all I care at that time was my niece. I know how she feels coz I too have been hit by my dad once... It was that one and only time that he hit me and my sister. I remember he and mom fought after that, because we got sick after he hit me and my sister. It was just one time but it stuck in my head... I may have forgotten why did he hit us, but I've never forgotten the pain he's caused us. I just wish that they can feel the pain whenever they hit the kids.

In My Astral Self: It's been weeks since I started using my YM status message "still on my astral self..." I can't really say what is up with that status, but in the past few weeks, I feel like a part of me is missing. Although I'm not sure which part, it's like something in me needs rebooting. Sometimes I find myself laughing so hard because of a top ten entry, and then one second my emotion shifts and I'm like so mad at the world. I guess I'm just really naturally weird. What a retard! =p

JC Like LC: I had a conversation with Angel like two or three Saturdays ago and we actually talked about a lot of things from her driving lessons, to all the bills I need to pay, to bitches in her school, chris brown and attending concerts, to MEG Magazine, Seventeen and The Hills. I found out that we both liked The Hills, and she told me that LC reminded her of me. I asked her why and she said that it's because LC works for a magazine, and then with the "losing your friend thing", I thought, "hmmm, yeah, maybe we are the same in that part of life." I was delighted that we can actually chat even with different emails (she using Prodigy.net and I'm using Yahoomail) so we talked over the IM for like 2 or 3 hours (two hours with her, 1 hour with her mom). And since I can't catch the airing of the show on TV, I decided to just go back to watching The Hills online. It was fun, and it fills up my two hour break (before 5pm).

Net Net Mo!!! Have you ever been in a situation where you have so much work to do when all of a sudden, the internet connection was cut? You waited for a few minutes for the connection to come back but it seemed like there is no way it's gonna come back anymore. The worst part is, the Internet is the only way you can do your work. Sucks so much, eh? Well, I'm exactly in that position at this very moment. It's been an hour since the internet connection got busted and an hour and two minutes passed, there's still no sign of the connection coming back. I hate this part because I have A LOT to do today because it's a new task and I'm already sucking at it with having a VERY low output. Yesterday I was having a hard time thinking of my "wish list" for the exchange gift but now, I know exactly what to say... "A 'Leader' who can fix the internet connection like SHE does." So much of Useless Leaders!

Nine Mornings: Last Monday, the Simbang Gabi started at 9pm in our Kawan mass and as usual, I decided to attend Simbang Gabi again. During the first night, Father Jun asked the people, "Bakit ka nagsi-Simbang Gabi? Is it because it's a tradition and you just feel like it's appropriate to follow this tradition? Or is it because you have a wish that you want to come true and attending the Simbang Gabi will serve as your novena? Or is it because the mass is happening near your place and you feel the need to attend?" With those questions I started asking myself as to why I'm there. When my mom was still alive, I used to join her in attending all those nine Simbang Gabi. I always come with her because I always find Simbang Gabi fun (in our parish, Simbang Gabi has a lot of gimiks). However, when mom passed away, I started realizing that Simbang Gabi isn't just about having fun because of the songs and the gimiks Father Jun share with the people... it's not just about completing nine nights just to make your wishes come true, and not even because the mass is happening in our place. For me, Simbang Gabi are the perfect time to thank Him for all the blessings that He's given- good or bad; it's about thanking Him that in spite of all the challenges we have to face, we're still here... alive and kicking. It's been two days since it started and so far, I've attended two masses already and is planning to complete all the nine nights again... just like how my mom used to.

Catching Bad, er, Good Dreams: While I was buying gifts for Christmas last weekend, I chanced upon a medium-sized dream catcher in Kulturang Pilipino. Although I know what the real purpose of dream catcher is, I don't really believe in what it really does but since it's so cheap, I decided to buy one for myself. I hang it above my headrest, hoping to have good dreams but instead, I got not so good dreams. I've been having weird dreams lately... more like tragic dreams. Last night, I dreamed that GMA-Kamuning station (MRT) had a fire which started with an explosion. The weird thing is that our office (in the dream) is located a few buildings from where it happened. I know that because the building receptionist called our office, telling everyone to evacuate the building because it may get on fire as well (the fire in the Kamuning station was THAT huge it may reach our building). I remember getting kinda shocked by the news because prior to the explosion, I was supposed to ride the MRT and go somewhere... what's more alarming though is that I am completely aware that someone I know was in the train when the explosion happened. We weren't that close but I know her and she works there too (PS: I hope it was one of 'em bitches but no :s). I have some more bad, weird dreams but I'm not gonna elaborate all of them anymore.

MEGgurls Forever!!! A few months (if I remembered it right) ago Nica told me that Ana and Anette will be featured in Friendster Of The Month. I know it takes a few months to prepare for a particular issue, but I never realized it will be published this soon. When I saw the page in this month's issue, I felt happy because they used our picture with Beauty Ed Kim Reyes and Nica. I was also surprised to see my face (along with Ana and Anette, of course) in the Shindig page, taken during the 10th Anniv party.

There ya go folks. I know it's too late to even post this 'update' but so what, right? At least I was able to publish it... even if it's two years late. (Just you wait for the next set of 'Catching Ups', I'm writing it now! (=

Btw, the photo above was fr two months ago... at least it's pretty recent. (=
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