Head's Up, MEGgirls!!!

A few years ago, I had an argument with a *former best friend* regarding a *lie* that she posted on her profile about a little detail regarding MEG. It was just a tiny lie but as an (former) intern and contributing writer, I had to step up and correct the said testimonial. It was one of the things that caused our friendship to be over but I just thought I should do the "right" thing. However, I'm not gonna spill the details here as to what happened but hearing a new scam affecting MEG Magazine's image irked me to hell.

Before I said anything, watch this video first:

I'm sorry, but what kind of girl would believe that MEG, which is a TEEN Magazine, *requires* a "model wannabe" to 1. send photos wearing only your undies, 2. strip off your clothes in front of the web cam, and 3. pay 5,000 pesos?! First of all, MEG does NOT require models to pay, strip off or even send photos in your panties and bra - whether personally or through e-mail. Also, agents does NOT seek payment for new models. Only modeling academies ask for payment but NEVER agents who are looking for new models. In addition, whenever MEG look for new models, they either asked them to go to the MEG office or well, take the MEG Face Search for example.

Please, I know how "making you famous" can be very tempting but model wannabe's, especially young girls, should know about the business first before jumping into something you'd regret for the rest of your life. This man doesn't even *look* like a handler or a talent agent. And the gull to say he knows (EIC) Peewee Reyes-Isidro! (Grrrrrr!) I'm glad someone stepped up and reported this scam. He deserved to be in jail. (=

Now, as for girls who dreams to be a "model," see what a pretty little lie can do to a wannabe? Next time, be a little WISER, girls. And one helpful tip when it comes to things like this? GOOGLE Searching HELPS. A LOT.

PS: If you wanna see the whole video, go to http://bit.ly/bKMOfE

(Video Credit: bleezyrica3)

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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siD said...

You are blogging again! :) You know how I have always loved your writing! :) See you when I see you! :* I missyou loads!

JC said...

hehe iknow, right? i miss blogging. really. i miss you too! isaw your lookbook badge, <3 it! see you!