LEAology 101: 10 Things Every Lealista Should Know.

Ok, we get it. You adore her... but are you sure you're behaving properly? Well, here are the Top 10 things every LS fans SHOULD keep in mind. Gathered by fans, written for LS fans around the globe. ;) 

1. Whatever you say or do, expect less. Masama yung masyadong assuming (na magre-reply siya sa'yo sa lahat ng DM/PM mo sa kanya). But don't worry, I'm sure she reads our messages so don't get disheartened when she fails to reply.
2. Privacy Matters... A Lot! Sure, every fan wants to know what is going on in her life, pero wag naman sanang over the top ang pag-iimbestiga mo to the point na stalker-ish na ang dating.
3. Don't be too pushy. Especially when asking for a photo with her or an autograph. NEVER ask for a signature or photo op (esp) while she's eating. Ayaw ni Manang ng makulit.

4. Avoid Name-Dropping. Just because you're something of someone doesn't mean she'll go and have a conversation with you.

5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. For me, this is probably the best thing any fan could give her (or anyone you idolize for that matter). During meet and greet, when her Mom says "bukas na lang", just respect her decision. True, we don't get to see her everyday, but doesn't it feel good when you show some respect to her? Yes, we rarely get responses from her, but always remember that even if she does not reply to any of our post, DM or PM, she's always reading each and every single comment so, act accordingly... and just be yourself. (=

6. Make sure you smell nice before you approach Manang for a photo opt or a signature.

7. NEVER publish in a public blog a copy (like a screen cap) of privileged communication with Lea.

8. If by chance you see Lea before any of her shows, especially at or before rehearsals, please keep your distance. She prepares for her shows seriously and would prefer for a fan to wait until after the show.

9. It's LEA, not LEAH. You're a fan, you should know this by now. (=

10. NEVER use Lea's photo as your profile pic. Remember what her then-friendster profile said before, "put up your own photo, maganda ka naman siguro, noh?"


"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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jhoyimperial said...

wow! certified LEA-fanatic ^___^

been a long time since your last post :)

JC said...

haha! naman! onga eh, I haven't got more time to update na rin kasi.