What does it take to find the perfect shoe? To find the pants that would show your assets, or the boyfriend or girlfriend you can call your “one and only?” Looking for new employees is just like that; but what if you were told to “lower your standards?” What does that exactly mean?

I have been told to screen applicants who are vying for the vacant position. I did as I was told and decided to fail applicants who simply “just can’t follow instructions.” There are many of them and batch after batch I keep failing people simply because they did not do what I told them so. After passing 5 out of 13 applicants, my supervisor came to me and advised me to lower my standards when choosing which applicants to pass or fail. The very thought made me think. “Is there something wrong with the way I handle the examination process? Am I really that strict and high maintenance that my judgment is sort of becoming a deal now?” Such thoughts suddenly made me doubt my knowledge and skills regarding the post.

I know I’m not the best one out there and am fully aware of all the mistakes and small rules I am breaking but, are we really willing to take the risk again and accept people just to fast-track the process? Have we not learned from all the mistakes that we have done before? Is quantity really that important over quality? How can we find the best of the best if we accept people who won’t be an asset anyway? This isn’t a social networking site where you can add people even if you don’t know them personally. I love my job and I don’t have any complaints about it but, I don’t think it’s my fault anymore if they don’t wanna push through.

Someone enlighten me please.

Btw, just so everyone knows, and just to make it clear and avoid confusions, misinterpretations and rumors, I don’t have any bad blood about anyone and/or anything, ok? I just really want to let this out. Peace!

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AL said...

well..you can always defend yourself by telling them.."we dont want to hire the wrong people"..explain to them the FACTS not the other way around. Do not take it against them if they told u to lower down your standards..Maybe, they can see people who has the potential to be fit to the job. It comes with great training too. If you can say.."I will consider him/her, then maybe you might get something good out of that applicant in the near future". Now, if that won't work. Well I guess the management know better now..Its not always good to loose bucks on the wrong side of the road. Its a mistake that we can always learn from, right?! Theres nothing wrong with you. You are fine based on my standards. (= Just keep it up!

jhoyimperial said...

you are "perfectionist" by nature that is why you are the best in what you do. you can't avoid screening people based on your personal standards because that is how you function as an asset. in screening applicants, maybe you could consider applicants into groups: not that talented but attitude-wise who are very much willing to learn in the process and of course, skill-wise, those who already have the skills. you "lowering your standards" doesn't necessarily that there is something wrong with you. maybe there are those potential applicants also waiting for their chance to shine. it doesn't mean you'll have to drop your personality or yourself as you are. you'll just have to give them a chance to prove themselves. some people are not good with interviews and screening but when they are already in work mode, they are the best at it.

:) i know you have good judgment at people.

tc <3

Jakey Junkie said...

I believe you're just want to settle for the best, and there's nothing wrong with that. A best applicant is kinda like an investment. Cherry-pick the good ones and you'll get sweet results.

"Many are cold, but few are frozen." (Okay, I'm joking. "Many are called, but few are chosen.")