28 March 2006: Today marks my 4th year as an AB Mass Comm grad. I can still remember the day of my graduation; it was the day I almost miss my graduation march because I was a bit late. Boo. Blame it on the traffic.

Speaking of being late and graduation day, it was so fitting because when I graduated from prep, I was awarded "Most Panctual." And now that I'm working, I have been receiving the "Best in Attendance" award... for two years now. (=

Anyway, I have to admit that when I was still a student I wasn't the brightest in class (but I'm [one of] the bff of the brightest in our batch =p). Since we were young, our parents never obliged us to always be on top. It was never a rule at home that we have to be in the honor roll. Heck, I wasn't even in the top 5 or 10 in class during elementary years! But it was ok (or so I think), because our folks stayed behind our backs all the time. Yes, our mom let us study our lessons ourselves, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't care how we are doing in class. It actually taught me how to value school more (although for me, minor subjects are the most boring subjects EVER; I'd rather re-take all my major subjects than taking one minor subject in one sem =p).

When my college year started, my whole life totally changed. Aside from the fact that mom passed away during my sophomore year, it was also during college where I found real, loving and loyal friends. I am so grateful that we stayed with each other for four years, despite all challenges that we need to go through. It was also during college when I realized how much I really wanted to be part of the meg family. Ever since we had our Magazine Documentation, I vowed myself that I do anything to make that dream come true. Luckily, I was able to do so. =D

Now, whenever I take a look at my old notebooks, photocopies, notes, and transcript of records, I know I somehow did a good job in school. I may not be in the top 10, but I think I did the best that I could. Thanks to my mom for not pressuring me to always make sure I was number one in class. (I'll leave that number one spot to Lazelle.) (=

I also wanted to thank my professors and teachers for doing such a wonderful job in teaching me one of the most valuable lessons in life; "When you really want something, you don't just sit there and do nothing for success can only be achieved if you make way to reach those goals."

queck (=

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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