Brain fart

I was supposed to blog about something that happened these past few days but then I decided to delete the post and ramble instead... marami kasing chuchu sa tabi-tabi eh.

1. "Masarap kaya yung hotdog ni Aljur?" I don't know if Monique and I are just dirty-minded but something's really wrong with this phrase. Blame it on Gaeile dahil sa kanya galing ang mga katagang 'yan. Note to self: huwag pagsasamahin ang words na masarap, hotdog, and a guy's name in a sentence. Baaaaaaaaaaadddd idea. ;)

2. ANTM Cycle 15 Jane. I'm not a big fan of her, but it was nice that someone who wasn't even in the final 2 landed a contract with the same modeling agency the WINNER got. And it's not just some kind of modelling agency, it's IMG. Wow, di ba?

3. 100 Days to Heaven. In fairness ha, I'm really liking this Teleserye. Maliban sa mga moral lessons na makukuha mo with watching the soap, it also makes you think, what if you were given the chance na itama yung lahat ng mali mo? Plus, I like it because it's not the typical Pinoy soap na boy-meets-girl kind of story, but more like a twist on the good vs evil theme.

4. Mamamar. Hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala that Delle's having a baby na. Parang kailan lang, I told her malapit na niyang ma-meet yung the one, tapos ngayon she's like what, on her 2nd trimester already? Ang galing! =D

5. End of the World. Remember May 21, 2011 'Doomsday?' We all know it was just a hoax, pero kailan nga kaya guguho ang mundo? Naalala ko tuloy yung mga recurring dreams ko last year... it will all start after October 10, 2011. Ayokong magpaka-Nostradamus but these dreams that keeps coming true scares the hell out of me. First lolo, then the babies, then delle, at yung iba pa, and now, this... hay! Let's just hope that it's all just a dream.

6. Jhong Hilario. ABS-CBN should commend this man for his portrayal of Gary David. Nakaka-inis talaga siya, in fairness. Sarap batukan. (biruin mo, nag-TT ang Mara Clara Finales sa Twitter?!

7. Five years. It's been five freaking years. Minsan iniisip ko kung pa'no ko nagawang makatagal dito ng limang taon. Maybe I'm really just that loyal (really that what? *evilgrin*)... or maybe, I just don't have a choice. But then, maybe I do have a choice. It's just that I chose to suck it all up and try to do my best in what I do... despite knowing that it will never be reciprocated.

8. Pretty Little Liars. I really love this novel. And this was the first time I was able to finish reading 8 books in less than 3 months! Wala lang, it's fun knowing someone's secrets and up to what extent would a person do to keep someone's mouth shut. (=

9. Katy Perry Revenge. I really want to have this app on my iPod, but I haven't installed Jailbreak yet. Sabi ng pinsan ko dapat daw lower than Version 4.3.something yung iPod bago ka mag-jailbreak. Ang masaklap, kaka-update ko lang ng iPod! Nakngtokwa naman o! :/

10. MEG, my meg. I can't believe meg is 13 years old now. Naalala ko pa, nu'ng first year high school, isang hamak na reader lang ako. Then, after like, 8 years, naging intern ako, i still read meg... now, 5 years after I finished college, i still love meg. Although, sana lang enough of making her appear too old na. Tama na yung they cater to yuppies lang. Anyhow, i still (and will always do) love meg no matter what. <3

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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