JC's Top Ten Fashion Must-Have's

Below are the top ten Must-have in my closet... or well, ten of my favorite things inside my closet.

1. A Trendy Jacket. Or a cardigan that is chic enough for work and casual clothing; somethinng that can go with every type of clothes - any color and style.

2. Jeans. Black skinny jeans is my fave. It can go with any type of tops, plus I can wear it even on Mondays!

3. Racerback Tees. Now... This is an ABSOLUTE favorite in my closet. I have over 20 racerback tees (one or two of them are just one style but in different colors) and I could say that it is the most comfortable piece for me! Black, white and pink are definitely must-have's!

4. Leggings. It's comfy plus it can go with either wedge, slippers or even flats! I can also wear it with or without a mini skirt (as long as I'm wearing a shirt dress or something like that).

5. (Elianto) Nail Colors. White, black, pink, orange, and "skin colors" are my fave at the moment. Here's a trivia: I wore white nail polish even before MEG featured it last July (I think)... well, at least before it got on print! (See Summer '08 photos)

6. Long Pearl Necklaces. I know this accessory can be outdated, but it makes plain-colored top fab! Try pairing it with black racerback tee, black skinny jeans and a white peep toe pumps... looks cute!

7. Silver cuff. I only have one cuff but that silver cuff is probably one of my most-used accessories. It just can go with anything, I love it! (Useful tip: Be careful when putting on accessories; more than 5 pieces is already too much... and remember, a pair of earrings are already considered 2pcs.)

8. Ballet Flats. Gold, to be exact. I love the chic-ness of gold flats because it can go with black, pink, green, brown, and even white tops! (But right now I'm finding a cute silver flats coz my two gold flats are already over-used =c)

9. Tote Bag. I don't know what's with it but I really like big bags. I like carrying big bags even though I'm not carrying a lot of things... I just find them really fabulous!

10. Flippers. Doesn't matter if it's Havaianas or Ipanema or whatever, as long as it's comfy and (the designs are) cute. Actually, I don't buy Havaianas (because alot of people already have it) and only have one designer flip flops - a brown Ipanema flippers, which was a pasalubong of our tito.

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