"Weight" A Minute

While most of the girls out there are dying to lose weight, I will be going to the other side. Last Tuesday, while still a bit weak from a fever last weekend, I checked my weight on the scale and was very surprised to see the result. The result stated that I needed to gain not just a pound or three, but ten (or more) pounds!

I was never bulimic or anorexic, nor I was a fan of the word "diet." Although a lot of people tells me that I was "on a diet" whenever I refuse to eat lunch, I never really diet or limit the food I take... It's just that I eat only when I'm hungry, and stops when I feel full... until recently.

Three weeks ago I stopped eating lunch for different reasons. Either I'm still feeling full because I had heavy breakfast (rice, that is) or it's just that I'm not in the mood to eat anything heavy. Then after a week or two I noticed that I have already been doing that for over a week so I checked myself on the scale... 87lbs. Oh my! I was below my average weight of 93lbs. Since I have a toothache I found an excuse and thought it may be because of that (can't eat too much). I tried using Sensodyne so I can still eat whatever I want.

But last Saturday, January 07th, I woke up at 7:30 in the morning with a sore throat. I tried to not mind it by having water therapy, thinking it may heal. After breakfast I decided to wash some of the tops I will be using for the next day's company outing and since those are just 5pcs, I've decided to hand wash all of it. But only after 10 minutes or less my back starts aching all the way to my spine and again, I tried not to mind it and finish with the laundry anyway.

I felt very tired after the laundry but still went to the grocery in the afternoon. I was still feeling ok at that time, but I can already feel some back and muscle pains. By the morning of Sunday I still kinda felt ok so I thought that the trip to Zambales will be stress and pain free for me.

Come Sunday night, my body starts to really scream from pain... Fever starts rising, I couldn't eat (as in NOT IN THE MOOD), and my back aches soooo bad! I stayed for most hours in our room at the resort resting, so I can join the Island Hopping the following day... which I did.

When we came back in Manila last Monday, June 09th, I headed straight to bed and rest til the next day. The next day I woke up still feeling dizzy but thankfully, without fever anymore. I tried to eat even though I could hardly eat (I feel like throwing up when I eat anything) and just stay in bed so I can regain my strength. Then I decided to check on my weight again and there it stated...

81lbs... Oh.My.God!

I couldn't believe what I saw and made me realized that (maybe) the reason why I'm feeling dizzy and weak all this time was because I'm sooooo underweight! I know I gain and lose weight easily, but I never expected it would dropped to like that. Although I know I can gain my target weight in less than two weeks, eating more is a bit difficult now since I'm already used to eating small amounts of food... but I'm trying, little by little. Hopefully, in two weeks time, I would be able to regain my old weight and strength back.

If only my Mom was here, for sure I already received kurot sa singit right now!

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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