daddy - beyonce

For the past 22 years of my life, you have been there for me... for us...
guiding us every step of the way.
Even when Mom went away and life was hard on us, you stick with us.
You made sure we finished school, made sure we comply with every requirement, even if it means borrowing money from other people...
You find ways to provide for us... even though sometimes, it isn't enough.

I almost wanted to hate you before... hate you for hurting our feelings... for doing what you're not suppose to do... but I didn't.
I respected you as my dad in spite of all the rumors about you... and will always do.
I may have rarely expressed my proud and gratitude about having you as my father, but this day, on a very special day,
I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me.
And I hope that one day, someday, you'll realize how much I love and feel very proud to be your daughter.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

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