Hell Week..

Ang hirap maging graduating student... SOBRA!!! Yesterday, I was almost breaking down dahil sa sobrang stress. I thought I'd never get to finish everything! Pero thank God, I have.

Well, you know that, it's the same DRAMA every graduating student feels. Lalo na this week kasi this is our last week... well, at least yung class namen hanggang this week na lang. And it's sooooooooooooooooooo hirap kasi ang daming deadlines, daming projects na dapat i-pass, plus final exam, thesis defense, at kung anu-ano pang paper works!!

Yesterday, while I was being a Drama Queen sa bahay, I get my MEG March issue to (somehow) feel better. Then I read Shai Lagarde's Beat The Habit. While I was reading the article, I suddenly realized (if) I am a chronic crammer. I was thinking if I am a responsible crammer, or the other way around.

I love cramming... well, I guess I'm used to cramming. Kasi when I'm (we're) cramming, mas lumalabas yung ideas. Pero (for me) I am one of those responsible crammers, kasi I do tasks ahead, yun nga lang, hindi ko agad tinatapos... so I definitely need some cramming... para lumabas ang ideas. Saka pag si Lazelle ang friend mo, mao-obliga kang gumawa!! Friend mo ba naman ang Magna eh? Ewan na lang kung di ka pa mahiya sa kanya!

Anyway, I'mm (almost) done with my DevCom proposal. Kanina yung deadline and good thing, minor revisions lang. And buti na lang we still got two days to fix it. Pero ang masakit, I still got a Program log, interview ng station manager, thesis defense, final exam, film synthesis, OJT hours to finish, OJT evaluation form to (have it) signed, Form 137 to get, Clearance to clear, and The Prayer choreography to do! And all of it SHOULD BE accomplished within three days!!! Well, yung F137, clearance, and the prayer, I can do it next week, but the rest??? Hay! Goodluck!!

Kaya kung paano ko tatapusin lahat nang yan, ewan ko! Bahala na si ZsaZsa Zaturnah!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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