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Hi! Sorry, I know it's been too long. It's just that I have been busy with a lot of things lately (work and extra-curricular activities). Another reason why I haven't updated this blog is because I have another blog on WordPress and has been busy taking writing courses left and right. I actually don't know how I manage to do all those stuff within 24 hours, but somehow I'm still alive and rocking. Guess I really am Superwoman, you know.
But that's not exactly why I suddenly blogged. I am composing this because I want to say something about the stupid issue that's currently going on Twitter. Yes, the one about Lea Salonga, Aldub and Joey De Leon. You all know how big a Lea Salonga fan I am; how I'm protective of her. I just want to say my two-cents worth about this issue, even if I know this will get me nowhere. I really wasn't planning on blogging about it but it's getting out of hand already.

Last Saturday, Lea Salonga tweeted something about shallowness, which sparked hate tweets from "Aldub" fans. It would have been fine if the tweet actually was intended for them but it wasn’t. Lea was too busy to even know about Aldub. That much I know is true. She spends 12 hours (more or less) inside the theatre rehearsing for Allegiance. How can anyone assume that that tweet was for their idols? Lea doesn’t owe anyone an explanation as to what her tweet really was about. Just because the tweet is cryptic doesn’t give us all the right to assume it was about something we thought it’s about.
What irritates me the most was the amount of hate she is getting for something she didn’t do. Early this morning, I came across a blog post entitled, “The Assassination of Lea Salonga”. In it, the author said, “Because of the way she was treated recently, Filipinos do not deserve her. Antonio Luna was massacred by fellow Filipinos, the same was virtually done to Lea.”
As a fan and, in a way, a friend, what people is doing to her hurts me so much. She has been under-appreciated despite all the pride, honor and glory she has brought our country, but this kind of low blow is just too much. It was like seeing someone rip her heart out and crush it into a million pieces and I can’t even do a thing about it because fighting back is useless because closed-minded people are hopeless. **Sorry, I can’t help but throw in Once Upon a Time reference.
Anyway, what the blog post say was true. And what drives me crazier was Joey De Leon tweeting not-so-vague reactions about her posts. One or two tweets would have been fine, but instead, he chose to fan the flames even more. Now the issue won’t die down; the media is having a feast about it; people keep attacking Lea, and Lea deciding to take a semi break from Twitter.
I get it, you know. How could she have tweeted the wrong (or right) tweet the same time Aldub is breaking Twitter records? If her tweet really wasn't for Aldub, then who was it for? Who was she really talking to when she sent that 'kababawan' tweet? The answer is we never know. And though she may be a celebrity, Lea shouldn't have felt the need to explain her tweet. Plus, she doesn't owe anyone an apology.
Okay, you're right. Joey De Leon is just being himself. He's always been like that. But why is Lea getting a flak for being, how ironic, herself?
I really wanted to do something about it, but what else can I do? If I talk back and join the fray on Twitter, it will just make me look like I’m setting the fire ablaze, which won’t do me and her any good. So why am I doing this?

Like I said, it's getting out of hands. It needs to stop. I know I may get my own share of bashing after this, but I don't care. Between Lea and her haters, I will always stand by Lea, especially when I know she's on the right side.
I know that everyone has the right to speak their mind. I just wish that people would actually know what they're talking about before punching someone in the gut.

"Imitating may be the best form of flattery, but not the best form of writing."

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