Miss Saigon "Maybe" Lyrics (Definitive Live Recording)

For those who don't know, "Maybe" is the new song from Miss Saigon 2014 revival. Although I still prefer "Now that I've Seen Her" (or "Her or Me", whichever you prefer), I also love this new song because it's so powerful. It's the perfect song to slash your wrist by, smash your head with a sledgehammer, rip your heart out and crush it into a million pieces. Yup, all that in one song.

The song I transcribed was from the definitive live recording. I thought I'd share the lyrics since it's not available yet. But before you listen to the song and read the lyrics at the same time, it's better if you have your Kleenex on hand because this is going to be heartbreaking. Come on, do it now. You good? No? Fine, but don't say you haven't been warned. Okay, here goes:

"Maybe" (Lyrics)
Performed on: Miss Saigon (2014 Revival)

Help me

Am I fooling myself if I've already lost you?
Nothing's changed, you're still mine, we can try to ignore this.
But if she has come back in your life,
Well, then, maybe you were never mine.

And yet my heart cries, maybe
It's a trick, it's a lie, she's just trying to use you.
But I looked in her eyes, it could kill her to lose you
And maybe,
Just maybe,
You need her, too.

Back when we met, you were broken and wild,
And I held you at night,
And I ached when you cried,
But despite what we lack, we tried staying on track
No regret.

Yet, maybe, it was fate that suddenly brought her back to you,
And your love was true love before I even knew you.
If the life of your dreams is the life she is giving,
Should I be the one to stop your dream from living?
If you're hers then be hers and forget about me now.
I've been blind for so long, but perhaps I can see now
And maybe,
Just maybe
I'll find the strength I need to set you free now.
I'll be strong, I'll stand firm so my tears won't betray me
But my heart might just break if what maybe, maybe.

"Imitating may be the best form of flattery, but not the best form of writing."

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for posting the lyrics. I was listening and reading though, and noticed that you wrote "And I ached *while* you cried" and heard "And I ached when you cried". Gorgeous song but I can't decide which one I prefer...