20 Things to Know Before Once Upon a Time Season 4 Starts

I've been binge-watching Once Upon a Time for the past few days and come to realize a few things. I think season three is the best season yet and can't wait for the next season. So in honor and preparation for Sunday, I'm here to share with you the ten things I realized about the seasons 1-3 and another ten you should know before season four premier.

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10 Realizations upon re-watching OUAT (from the Pilot episode):
  1. Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold) and Lana Parrilla (The Evil Queen/Regina) are the best actors on the show. They're that good you would root for them instead of the heroes. Plus,
    Regina have the best, funniest lines ever.
  2. Ever since Henry brought Emma in Storybrooke, the Charmings have been ruthlessly unfair to Regina. She is, and forever will be Henry's (adoptive) mother. Emma chose a close adoption so her taking Regina off any rights with Henry is just so wrong.
  3. I now get why some people hated Henry; He's so ungrateful of Regina. True, she is The Evil Queen, and she murdered countless people and cast a curse to avenge the loss of her true love, but he was never grateful for every good that Regina has done for him (eg; When Regina saved Emma and Snow back in season 2).
  4. I wish Kitsis and Horowitz gave SwanFire a second chance. Neal was Emma's true love and soulmate and I still think that the only reason Kitsis and Horowitz killed off Neal was to pave way for CaptainSwan, which was so unfair.
  5. I'm glad they recast Robin Hood. Looking at the first Robin, I doubt he and Lana (Regina) would looks great together and have chemistry like her and Sean McGuire.
  6. I love Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch and Robbie Kay as Peter Pan, but Barbara Hershey as Cora Mills/The Queen of Hearts will always be my favorite villain. She puts the V in villain like no other. She and Regina (Lana) also makes great mother and daughter tandem.
  7. Having Bailee Madison to play young Snow White was the best casting ever. They look alike, sound alike, and act alike it's so freaky!
  8. Emilie De Ravin plays Belle so effortlessly, but her speaking voice is annoying sometimes.
  9. I wish they made JoAnna Garcia Swisher stay a bit longer. She was a great Ariel. Same with Rose McIver. She was the perfect Tink.
  10. Young Baelfire is so gwapo.

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10 Things everyone needs to know before Sunday's 4th season premier:
  1. Expect older Frozen characters. Like twenty or thirty-something Anna and Elsa.
  2. No Olaf. Sorry, folks. Looks like no one's making a snowman in Storybrooke this season.
  3. Elsa is NOT going to be the first half of season 4's "new big bad." Kitsis and Horowitz said that in respect for the beloved characters, they decided to keep the character how she is in the Disney animated film. The question is who? My bet is Elizabeth Mitchell, who's set to play the real Snow Queen.
  4. Regina has nothing to do with Elsa's arrival in Storybrooke. At least that's what she thinks.
  5. When it comes down to fighting Elsa, if she has to, the Evil Queen won't sit down and let her set an eternal winter on Storybrooke. She has fire powers, you know. She can easily melt Elsa's ice.
  6. Rumple is addicted to power and magic, which explains all the lying about the dagger, but he is also telling the truth when he proposed to Belle and said his wedding vows.
  7. Regina vs Emma AGAIN? Maybe. Maybe not. I mean, I am sooooooooooo pissed off at Emma for ruining Regina's chance of finally being with her soulmate, so I won't be surprised if she goes all Evil Queen on her again. Then again, maybe, hopefully, they understand each other better now and Regina would think twice before deciding to go back to her evil ways. I wouldn't forgive Emma if Robin gets killed off because of her bringing Marian to the future.
  8. Ginny Goodwin and Josh Dallas's son, Oliver, will NEVER play Baby Neal on the show.
  9. It's NOT a sequel to the first Frozen animated film. It is Once Upon a Time's own version of the tale, not the (official) continuation of what happened at the end of the movie.
  10. None of the original Frozen casts were asked to reprise their roles. Creators Kitsis and Horrowitz both said that they were such big fans of the movie that they wanted to separate the movie version from the OUAT version in respect of the original Disney film. So unless they can get Idina Menzel to sing Let It Go on the show, don't expect the characters to blast the song anytime soon. It sure ain't Summer anymore and they're not opening doors for any song.
I'm pretty sure I can go on forever with the things I realize I love (or hate) about the show but one thing is for sure: I miss it soooooo freaking bad I can't wait for Sunday.

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