Book Review: 52 Reasons to Hate My Father (by Jessica Brody)

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I'm not an heiress like Lexington Larrabee and we're not poor either, but somehow, something in her story struck a cord inside of me.

I initially pick up this book by Jessica Brody because of its title - 52 Reasons to Hate My Father. You see, I don't have the best relationship with my Dad right now so I can totally relate to her feeling like I'm trapped in a cage set by my father. But unlike Lexi, it wasn't because he's forcing me to do 52 jobs so I can get my trust fund. It was more like I (and my sister) am doing all the work and earnings and he's the one acting like a spoiled brat whose parents went away for (11 years now) so he lets loose and do whatever the heck he wants.
If you know me personally then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, at first I thought '52 Reasons' reminded me so much of Paris Hilton and her TV show, The Simple Life (with Nicole and Paris). But the more I read into it, and as I continue flipping the pages, I realized it's nothing more like it; I can relate. Although 'rich' and 'heiress' aren't exactly the words that perfectly sums me up right now.
Surprisingly, the book has a lot of nuggets of wisdom. It's amazing how you can learn a lot from a 335-page book. It may 'just be a YA book', but I learned quite a few with '52 Reasons'. Maybe not 52 things, but enough to change the way I view some things.
Like Lexi, I sure hope that things will eventually change for me and my father. I certainly don't know when that will be, and until when I will be patient, but I hope, no, I know, we'll get there someday. Someday.
"Because that's what families do."

Let's just hope it's not too late yet.

"Imitating may be the best form of flattery, but not the best form of writing."

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