Five Important Lessons I've Learned from Once Upon a Time's "Lost Girl" Episode

Ok, I know I don't need to put this out there as I'm sure a lot of you probably know this already, but I love Once Upon a Time. I just loooooooove Once Upon a Time. It never fails to impart life lessons on me but last Sunday's Lost Girl episode definitely deserves a spot on my blog. So, here you go, the five important life lessons that I've learned from Once Upon a Time's Lost Girl episode: (Oh, and just so you know, I didn't copy this from elsewhere. This particular entry actually came from another blog of mine)

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"Belief must come from within."
-- Rumpelstiltskin
Lesson number one is from Rumpelstiltskin himself. All throughout the episode, it seems that believing in yourself is this season's theme. Unfortunately for Emma and Rumpelstiltskin, they must learn to believe in themselves first before they can really do something. Just like in real life, we can't do anything unless we truly believe in ourselves; in what we can do, and are capable of doing.

"Letting go of the past. It's the first step."
-- Belle
Well, this actually should be first. But I'll do it for lesson number two: Letting go. In the second episode of Once Upon a Time's season three, Rumpelstiltskin tries so hard to destroy (ie; let go) the doll his father apparently gave him. But there seems to be a problem; no matter how much he try to dispose of it, the doll always come back without even a cinch. Why is that? Because even if he wants to (let go), deep down he knows he's still not ready for it. Same with Emma. No matter how many times she tries to say that she's Snow White and Charming's daughter, she still can't forgive them. I think that along with letting go, it's acceptance that we should learn to truly let go of the past.

"Don't let them shake your confidence. We all have moments where we think we couldn't prevail."
-- Snow White/Mary Margaret
Lesson number three, this time from Snow White herself: Don't let them shake your confidence. We've all been there before; that moment where we think we failed. But like what Snow said prior to this line, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

Mary Margaret/Snow White: Maybe who you think you are isn't who you really are.
Emma: What do you mean?
Mary Margaret/Snow White: Sometimes we think we know ourselves but, we need a push to show us the reality.
Lesson number four, again, from Snow White. Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz both said that Neverland is a place that forces you to confront your past. I think that what Snow was trying to tell us in this particular conversation is that there are times where we need to dig deep within ourselves to find the answers, and only through certain circumstances where we get to realize and find that from within.

"Stop denying who you are."
-- Regina/The Evil Queen (and Peter Pan)
I think this is the most important lesson of last night's episode: to never forget who you are. This line, apparently, was said multiple times in the episode. First, when Peter Pan handed Emma the map that will lead straight to Henry ("You'll only be able to read that map when you stop denying who you really are."), then during the flashback in the Enchanted Forest post-apple curse with Regina telling Snow, "Stop denying who you are. You may be a Princess but you will never be a Queen", and then that conversation between Snow and Charming (Snow: This weapon, you say it will help me defeat Regina. How? Charming: "By showing her who you really are.").

I think that we all, at some point, feel like a lost girl or lost boy. But in the end, we should not let obstacles get to us and to remember who we are and accept that fact to truly let go so we can believe in ourselves and achieve our goals.

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