"Look (A Rainbow)" Lyrics

I've actually known about this for months now, but I've never really given it too much attention because I was so caught up with work, God of Carnage, and other things. Yesterday, however, I was on Youtube trying to look for Lea Salonga videos or songs I haven't heard her perform before when I come across this. At first, I was wondering when the audio recording was taken and was surprised when I saw that it was from the Scott Alan Live CD. It was so moving, her rendition. After hearing the song, I tried Googling for the lyrics but was unsuccessful to find it so here I am again, trying my hardest to transcribe this wonderful Scott Alan original just for you all. Please let me know if you think I misheard some of the words. I also attached the audio/video of the song so you can listen to it yourself. Enjoy!

"Look (A Rainbow)"
By: Lea Salonga

Lay your hand
Upon my chest
Close to my heart
And I will do the rest

Hear in my arms
I'll be your shield
Until you've healed

Let my heart
Steal away your tears
Let my love
Confront your deepest fears

Let the wounds they built inside your heart
Slowly depart

When I look at you
All I see is a perfect piece of art
If you ask me what I change
There would be no place to start
You will always find there's one more mountain
There still yet to climb
And if it feels too hard to climb alone
I'll be right there by your side

So close your eyes
And believe
That out there
There's still a world you've yet to see
A world that's waiting just for you
You just have to give it time
A world where no one sees your differences
Coz love can't be defined
A world where hurtful words and judgment
They all just disappear

And remember after every storm
A rainbow will appear
And look, a rainbow just appear

Video credits: romypen on Youtube
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2 shout outs:

Niki Yarte said...

Hello! Thanks for this!
I think you pretty much got it right - except towards the end.

I believe the line is supposed to be "hurtful words and judgment".

And, yes, I love this song!
Scott Alan is a terrific composer!

Jhack said...

@Niki Yarte: Hey, thanks! I will edit the lyrics. Thanks for pointing that out. :)