Once a Charmed One, ALWAYS a Charmed One.

Since high school, Charmed has always been my favorite TV series. For one, it is the first US series iwatched wholeheartedly; and two, ifell in love with it because of the witchy stuff... Well, at least that's what ithought back then.

When Charmed ended, ijust cried. I love the show so much it felt like saying goodbye to a best friend who's about to live abroad. After Charmed, i never thought id never love another show again so ibought things that would remind me of them - DVDs, books; ieven saved (and printed) the scripts from some of my favorite episodes from the show! I have been rewatching the show ever since it ended and inever get tired watching it but the longer i rewatched it, the more irealized why ilove it so much and why im so hooked with the show - because it's not just about sisters who happened to be witches, it's about family and dealing with typical family problems (while battling demons and trying to protect the innocents, of course).

To be honest, i envy the Halliwells. I know they are just fictional characters, but their rapport on-screen is just soooooo believable. Even the problems they have to face (magical or normal), it amazes me how they handle them and how they stick to each other despite facing a tough situation.

When mom was still alive, (iused to think that) our family is probably the perfect family our neighbors look up to. Despite all the things that happened between me and my relationship with my family, ithought that what we had can definitely be compared to the Halliwells. Unfortunately, just like when the show ended, that thought bubble popped out, too.

It has been almost six years since Charmed ended and I may have found new TV series to love but I'll probably never fall in love in another show just like how ifell in love with Charmed. After all, first love never dies, right?

"When you lieBe Consistent. (="

2 shout outs:

AL Chavez said...

thats the way its gonna be...but i so love <3 how you put your feelings over something so memorable like this.

JC said...

thanks, lau. you know how much ilove this show... and ithink you have a pretty good idea what im talking about. how r u, btw? may reunion daw sa erod this feb ah! attend kayo?