How Do I Look???

Tonight, on my way home, a stranger went up to me and said, "Te, foreigner ka?" I looked at him with my brows raised then proceed walking... What's up with that?!

I know what I did was a bit bitchy (or rude) but it made me wonder, do I really looked like a foreigner? When I was young, my grandma's sister used to call me "Nagaraya" because people said I looked like Dayanara Torres. I think it was when I cut my hair short that people started to say (or so they think) that I looked like her. It never really occurred to me about my resemblance with her until I grew up but I thought, and so?

Now, as I was growing up (old), people said I look like either Anne Hathaway or (former WWE Diva) Maria Kanellis. Honestly, I really don't see what people see in me (or them) and they are saying those things but I think it's really flattering. I'm just happy that who I am being compared with are beautiful women... hahaha!

No, but really... I guess all I wanna say is, it really flatters me when people say I look like the former Miss Universe, Princess Mia or a former WWE Diva. But then again, at the end of the day, all I really want is to look no one but ME. (=

(Maria Kanellis, former WWE Diva)

(Dayanara Torres, Miss Universe '93)

(Anne Hathaway, Actress)

(Jhack Telan... wala lang! =p)


"When you lie,
Be Consistent. (="

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anne hathaway & nicole richie ^___^


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Nicole Richie??? Huwaaaaaattttt?!