It's In The Genes (Lyrics)

After a year I finally get to post the lyrics of this wonderful song.
I actually had this a year ago but I just wasn't able to post the lyrics.
I also attached a video of the song (fr Youtube) for those who want to hear and see THE Lea Salonga sing this song. Enjoy!

It's In the Genes
Performed By: Lea Salonga
Lyrics: Freddie Santos
Music: Ria Osorio

It's in the genes, I tell you
It's in the genes, I know
It's in the genes, they compel you
to know exactly where you want to go.

It's in the genes, forever
It's in the genes, no choice
It's in the genes, whatever
whether kicking up, or acting out, or tuning in your voice!

Maybe who knows there could have been other choices if I had a different DNA
Then again though, looking at all other choices
Every single one just pointed me this way.

So now I'm here, as always
And what a life it's been
On center stage, not just the hallways
It goes whatever stage of life I'm in.

As a little girl, an awkward teen
A singing actress in between
Someone in love, a wife and mom
How good to know where it all comes from.

It's in the genes, that says it!
It's on the perfect page
And this whole life, God Bless It!
Will always find it's life on center stage...

On stage
My life...
My life...
Thank Goodness for Genetics!
On stage....

(Video Credit: OfficialWhyRock722)

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