ay, may blogger pala ako! =p

why hello there peeps! i haven't been here since ages so i just wanted to say hello and what's up. i was soooo hooked up with multiply, facebook, twitter and tumblr i didn't realized that my last post was last 2008 pa! omg, has it really been that long???

anyway, it's really fun re-living memories... i miss school, i miss meg and abs-cbn internships, i miss my friends, but most especially, i miss my mom. a lot of things have changed since the last time i updated my blog; some good, some bad... but at the end of the day, i'm still thankful that i have the people i love.

and oh btw, i watched lea salonga: your songs last december with my afls friends. it was definitely (one of) the best concert in the philippine history (if not in the entire world). i had lots of fun (although i didn't get to have a picture taken w/her during the second night coz me and jenn had to rush to our company christmas party). nevertheless, i'd have to say that it was a really wicked concert. it's like lea salonga like you've never heard her before. just wow!

speaking of which, the lys telecast will be on january 23rd and 24th at 6:30pm on Net 25. be sure to mark your calendars and don't miss this amazing show. i'm telling you, you're not gonna regret spending time watching this HD concert.

ciao! (=

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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