Sorry, I Could Not Resist Eh!

A few twittering months ago I saw Sidney posts tumblr updates on twitter.

I checked her posts and thought that tumblr was just another twitter wannabe.
Yesterday, though, while I was tasked to something blog related, I come across this website called Tumblr.
I checked it out and upon signing up (not mine, ok) I did a little searching inside the website.
It was fun to use pala.
You could post texts, photos, quotes, videos...
All in one go.
But then, I thought.

"I must resist myself from signing up."

Ang hirap kasi mag-maintain ng maraming accounts.
At kung mags-sign up na naman ako for another account, super dami na ng accounts ko online.
But this morning, while I'm doing tumblr again...
Di na'ko naka-tiis.
So I signed up.
Just now.
I did kasi there were some features na wala (pa) ang Twitter.
Although I could say that I still love Twitter very much;
I guess tumblr will be another site that I will really enjoy.
So if you even care to check out, see my account at

I've said it.
So goodluck sa'ken di ba?

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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