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11 Secrets you need to know about me and my Ultimate Style Sister

For the past 11 years a lot of things have happened to me. I’ve been into the best and the worse case scenarios; and even lose the most important woman in my life. Because of these things I've change a lot... but there's definitely one thing that didn't changed, and that's my love for MEG. I don't know why or how but as I aged, my love for MEG just grows deeper. Maybe it's the content every ish, or the people behind it, or maybe... just maybe, it's how every ish is being made.

I, myself, was lucky enough to have experienced "real MEG work" and it's not an easy task. People may think that working for a magazine is the best job in the world because of its perks, but I tell you, it's real HARD WORK. I may not have stayed as a MEG intern for so long but I sure have my own "MEG Secrets." (=

1. Inner Poet. When I was a high school freshie, my fave section was Inner Poet. Whenever I buy MEG, I wouldn't really care about the other pages except Inner Poet. I even copied some entries on my journal!

2. The Editors. During my first few years as a MEG reader, the only editors I know were Liza Ilarde, Karen Vera and Pierra Calasanz. So when MEG was reborned and Pierra become the new Editor-in-Chief I felt soooooo happy and started to really pay attention (to every pages) because I know that MEG is in good hands.

3. The Word + Sneak Peek. Since I got so hooked up with MEG, The Word became my most favorite section because I love the fact that EIC's give personal spin to every sneak peek.

4. Soulmates??? During our Magazine Documentation, my friends kept saying that me and Pierra were "soulmates." The reasons? Well, first of all, we share the same birth date; then during that day, we're both wearing skirts, have the same phone, and everything that they could compare us with. I felt sooooo embarrased that day I wanted just to die and disappear.

5. MEG Intern Notebook. During my internship, I always bring a small notebook and a pen with me. It's where I write all my suggestions, instructions, realizations, schedules and all other stuff I could write about. The contents were kept hidden though until now.

6. Backward GNIDAER. Ever since I read MEG, I always start reding the magazine backwards. What I will do is scan the magazine first, read THE WORD, and then read the rest backwards. I love doing that coz I'm more interested in serious topics first before the rest of the pages.

7. Ask Angel. During one of the brainstorming sessions while I was still training for MEG, I was asked to think of ladies that could replace Lucy Torres-Gomez in the column ASK LUCY. I wrote down possible ladies such as Toni Gonzga, KC Concepcion, Bianca Gonzales, Angel Aquino, and even Lea Salonga (*wink wink). I didn't really shared it during the meeting but I remember telling (then Managing Ed) Mabel David-Pilar about my suggestions. A few months (?) later, Ask Angel was born! I'd like to think I was the one who suggested her. (=

8. Fashion Plate. Fashion spreads in MEG are amazing. BUT, I have to admit that I rarely follow the styles, especially the clothes, shoes and accessories they featured. Ok, well, I sometimes buy things from the magazine, but only if I really really want it. On the other hand, I'd have to say that ALL MEG Fashion Editors are the best stylistas! (=

9. Beauty Booty. I used to ignore the Beauty Booty section because no matter how insightful and helpful the features are, (most of the) products are just too expensive for me... at least at that time. Thanks to Kim Reyes and Beauty Booty is now one of the must-check out section for me!

10. Think About It. My article debut in MEG came out May 2005 entitled, "Remembering Mom." The said article was actually our assignment for our Feature Writing Class in college. Three years later, I co-wrote another controversial story (alongside d'great Nica Inoturan, of course) entitled, "Girls Like Girls." In those three years (and counting) I told myself that I wanted to keep writing for Think About It because like the other TAI writers, writing for TAI and hearing that people are touched by your writing made me feel proud of what I am doing, even if some people stopped me from doing so.

11. One more, please!?! During my internship, I only get to train from July-August because I seriously believed that we are obliged to fulfill 2 internships within one semester. Little did I know that it's actually ok to do just one so when I graduated, I told myself that I want to be a MEG intern again. But of course I know that it's soooo impossible now because according to Mabel, "May bayad na daw ako!" Darn!

There you go. I may not have been a MEG intern for more than three months but I definitely learned a lot from this Ultimate Style Sister of mine. Maybe that's the reason why after over a decade now I still choose and love MEG. (=
Happy 11th Anniv, MEG!

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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