17 No More!

Since I was a high school freshie, I was a meggirl. Although I've tried reading other teen glossies like Candy, W.I.T.C.H., and Total Girl, I still find myself reading and liking meg at the end of the day. After feeling so disappointed with Candy upon reading the first (and last) issue I bought, I never subscribed to any other teen magazines except meg. However, I have to admit that I am a fan of one more teen glossy - Seventeen... US!

The first ish I had was actually (my younger cousin) Angel's copy - because her mom forced her to leave it to us na lang (before they go home to Tracy). After reading the magazine from cover to cover, I realized that Seventeen (US) wasn't so bad after all... it's like reading an older (earlier) version of meg, with more "serious" topics, more beauty and fashion spreads, and anything "meg." I even told myself to one day try and buy the Philippine version, which I wasn't able to do so.

This month though, when Nica told me that Marie Claire, T3 and Seventeen (Philippines) are saying goodbye already, I (surprisingly) felt sad. I always thought that it is meg's direct competitor and that Seventeen is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than Candy. So last Wednesday, I visited Booksale and (finally) purchased their last issue.

The farewell issue was heartbreaking, especially when I first read the EIC's note. It's sad to see a magazine like Seventeen go because looking at the pages, I think that the magazine is a good "guide to college girls." Although I think that meg is mas-maayos than Seventeen (because with meg, each section is segregated properly), their version of The Word really breaks my heart. I suddenly thought, "what if this happens to meg?" Siguro I would really feel devastated when that happens. Oh well, I'm just thankful that meg is still around and I hope that it will stay for as long as it could because I (still) believe that meg is the best teen glossy in the Philippines. ANYWAY.... (BACK TO SEVENTEEN =p).

Surprisingly after I finished reading the magazine, I can't help but compare it to meg. There are some sections I actually ended up liking but there are also some which I think were kinda corny. The fashion and beauty pages are cool; it's like meg when Pierra was still the EIC, and this issue was filled with Fashion spreads... features about fashion, beauty, guy section and their "teen drama/real life." yun nga lang, kalat-kalat yungSaka honestly, I think that meg tackles more serious topics than Seventeen (when it comes to Think About It and Guy Section). Plus they don't have a store info, where you can find the locations of the stores featured in the (current) issue.

Sad enough though, I still like it than Candy and I'm sad that Seventeen Magazine Philippines "graduated" this month. Sana yung Candy na lang ang nag-bye bye! =p

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