A Word from an Angel

i was having a conversation with my bestest cousin and she once shared a blog entry that she wrote on her myspace that really speak to me. in the blog she said, "You never know what you have until it's gone. Whether it's someone you know, something you had, or the life that you're living." i guess she was right. sometimes, we take something, or someone for granted only to find out that that something (or someone) will actually be the one who will be with you amidst all trials. i'm talking about lost friendships, loved ones, partners, even something we bought (that we thought was actually useless) or was given to us. there have been mishaps in my life... lots of it. i've lost friends, a valuable thing, even a parent. but as i look back at all those loses, i realized that why should i bury myself thinking about the past when i have a life and loved ones to take care of while they are still here? things happen for a reason and we must learn to realize the real purpose of the things that has happened before we question ourselves, or for the matter of fact, God.

if only words could kill, we could've all be dead by now. each of us have had word wars with someone before; something that started out of miscommunication turned into a world war III. when the word war is over and you've lost the person, it will either make you realize that either of you are wrong... that you shouldn't have done what you did... that what happened served him/her right. sometimes we give second chances, which will either make us be real friends or frenemies. after a week or two, someone will take it for granted... again! it's just pathetic!

there are things that are worth saving for... but sometimes, reconciliation isn't just enough. as carrie bradshaw said, "how could we forgive if we cannot forget?" forgiveness comes along not only with forget-ness, but also with maturity and clarity. and maybe, when that happens, we would never regret things that should've been done or not.

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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