Blabbering Sh*ts

Do you know someone who talks too much? Someone who keeps on telling you everything that they think was wrong about you? Have you ever been told by the people “close” to you what you must and must not do?

I hate it when someone says things that are below the belt. There are some people in my life who keeps on saying nasty things to me when I’m around them. When that happens, I would either just keep quiet, “fight” back, or walk out. I know it’s not right to “fight” back with elders; but if they are someone who disrespects you, is it still right to not say anything back?

One time, we were talking about the storm and if it will hit Manila; I told them that the storm will not hit Manila, although it will be rainy. And then someone said, “So does that mean that classes won’t be suspended?” I said I don’t know and then another blurted out, “Well, even if the classes and the work were suspended you still go to work,” with a devilish look in the talker’s eyes. Right then I wanted to grab the fork in front of me and stick it in the talker’s throat. I’m no student and there is nothing I could do if the company did not suspend the work day even if ten storms hit Manila. However, I kept quiet. I refrain myself from saying something because if I do, I might just say some things that will be hurtful for them. But that’s bullsh*t, that’s f*cking bullsh*t!

I mean, come to think of it. If you will say something to your neighbor, make sure you clean your own trash first. It’s just really annoying! I know that I am in a situation where no one would ever thought I would be, but I am sober and I know what I am doing. Stop talking as if you know EVERYTHING about me because you know nothing! How you are raising your chicks isn’t impressive either. Teach them some GOOD manners first before you tell me what to do and what not to do. And lastly, do your part as professionals first before you demand something from me because you’re not gonna get it. Not until both of us learned what respect really means.

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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