When Laughter Fades Away...

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Remember the old cliche "laughter is the medicine"? 

Today, I find myself laughing since 6am because of the Morning Rush. I couldn't stop myself from laughing since Friday, July 4th, after listening to the Top Ten Oldest or Most Outdated Jokes from the CDTop10 archives. It's been my "pampagising" every time I feel sleepy - at home or at work - and it's a great way to de-stress and take the sleepy-ness away.

Actually, as I type this entry I'm listening to another top ten, the (top ten) Teacher Quotes, and I was laughing my head off since the beginning. But something started to worry me: what unfortunate event will happen, if not later, if I'm too high right now? I don't wanna sound paranoid but it really bugs me, especially after hearing and seeing some mysterious dreams, which you cannot just "ignore."

On the other hand, I wanna say Happy 12th Year to the Morning Rush. It's still THE best show in the FM world and C&D will always be an unbeatable tandem on air. So what lies ahead of me after these funny top ten's? Good or bad, we'll see... For now I will just go back to listening to more hilarious top ten's while doing my work happily.

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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