Out With the Old, In With the New...

Yesterday my sister and I went to the salon to finally have our hairs trimmed. We decided to take Phoebe with us even though I didn't want at first (coz I didn't want an 'alaga'). But since she's not so 'alagain' anymore we decided to take her na lang, since no one's at home except her mom and two sibs. We went to Index Salon and waited for our turn; 30 minutes later, we're still waiting.

I was a bit surprised with Phoebe because she's kinda behave - she's not asking us to carry her, nor to say she wants to go home na. The only thing she requests for was an ice cream, so while we were still waiting I went to Mc Donald's and bought her a sundae. After a while I smelled some foul odor and checked Phoebe, oh my! She did number 2! Good thing she's wearing a diaper! We're kinda worried na coz we didn't bring extra diapers or undies and baby wipes for cleaning her up. What made it worse pa was that we weren't called yet (coz we requested for Khen, eh he's coloring someone's hair pa ata). After an hour, my sister was finally called, hay salamat!

While ate was having her hair cut, I was taking care of Phoebe and let her roam around, since she's behaved naman. Eh nabo-bore na ata siya so she started walking around the parlor, checking out the drawers. When it was my turn and she's still roaming around, I kept an eye on her, watching na baka may masira siya. When she looked at me and saw that I was looking at her, she laughed at me and continue walking. After my haircut I felt extremely relieved na para bang nabunutan ako ng tinik.

We went to Jackman and Grand first so ate could buy shoes and bag for her new uniform and it was amazing that Phoebe is still behaved, as in hindi siya nagpa-karga though we can sense that she's tired na. So when we finally decided to go home ate carry her na lang and pagsakay ng tricycle, hayun at tulog agad si Phoebe Celica.

As for my new fab 'do, I'm loving it. Felt like I was 5 years younger. Buti na lang we waited for our turn, it was all worth it... sobra!

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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