It's Not Just A Product, It's A Labor of Love!

Last night I was happy that my June ish was delivered sooner than I expected. I don't know if my blog had anything to do with it, but I'm really surprised that it come to me even before I can think of texting Michelle again.

Nica and I were IM-ing about this issue for a long time now. We're both tired of waiting for three weeks before it was delivered to us, but at the end of the day we still love MEG. I was actually surprised when she mentioned me in her article, Ten Great Things You Should Know About MEG. I did not expect that from her, knowing that I wasn't as active as she is with MEG, but seeing my name at the pages of MEG made me feel special.

I've only worked with UAAP special once, but it was definitely one of the most memorable experience. Not only that it was my first REAL MEG work experience, it was also the reason why Nica, Florian and I became friends. Since the UAAP field work ended Nica and I never stopped communicating, sharing our love for "her," even until I became an intern.

My MEG internship was incomparable. Although it was just for two months, I could say that I have met the best people there. They introduced me to the (as Peewee said) "unglamorous part of working with MEG", which refers to the endless tasks that needs to be accomplished. Even though there were some people that drives me crazy during my time, the Editors were as nice as I thought they would be. Ever since then I've come to love MEG more, especially the people who make sure every issue is a fab one.

I remember a friend asking me if I get paid with all the articles I have written for MEG, and I said no. She told me that that's unfair and that I should be paid for it, but I told her that it's ok... not because I don't need the money, but because I love what I'm doing. I guess that's really the case when you love doing something and you're passionate about it; you will really do it all for the labor of love. Just like when I'm dancing for Kalinangan, it's ok not to have a TF after a show, just as long as we had a great performance and I get to bond with my co-dancers (but should have Food after, of course! =p).

This year, as MEG turns ten, I feel proud and extremely happy that I became part of those wonderful ten years of MEG in the business. Just like what Nica and I always say to each other, despite of all the boo hoos with the Circulation and/or the unprofessional writers who keeps on backing out come deadline days, we will always stick with MEG. It may be having a very tough competition with Candy, Seventeen and Chalk, but for us, MEG will always be THE number one teen glossy in the country, just as it was the First Local Teen Glossy.

Here's to hoping MEG ten more years (and another ten)! Happy Birthday MEG!

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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