Today I Realized...

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1. A good quality camera and a creative mind can give life even to the most wala lang things.

2. Silence doesn't always mean yes, you're weak, or you can't fight back. I believe that the most dangerous enemy are the ones not saying anything because once they said something, it will surely hit you straight to the bones. 

3. While most people think that being alone is the worse thing that could happen to a person, it isn't always the truth. In fact, doing things on your own can give you the opportunity to do whatever the heck you want.

4. A friendship that started in an instant won't last for so long. Especially if you are forced to befriend that someone just because you are in the same area.

5. It's much better to have a blog full of hate but all-original entries than a blog full of crappy copy-pasted materials. 

6. Just when you think your enemy doesn't care about you anymore, well, they do! In fact, they always check your personal spaces over the internet (but they make sure they are) offline. 

7. When you posted something hurtful and a frienemy posted an "answer" to your post, it means that not only had she read your post, it also hit her straight to the heart. 

8. The best way to fight back is keep quiet and be a great observer. Don't mind them if they say you're chicken, they will eat everything they have said in the future once you've come up with a master plan. 

9. Love is not a maybe thing. I watched The Hills vid streaming in MTV.com and LC was right. When you love someone or something it must be for sure and for real. Because if you love someone just because you benefit from them, then it's not actually love. Maybe you just need the other person. 

10. A real friend is someone who is ready and willing to take your words of wisdom no matter how hurtful it is. If you don't want a "friend" to make "pakealam" your life, then you're not really friends.

11. It is never enough to just dream and believe. If you want to achieve something, don't just sit there and believe that one day it will all come true... make way to achieve those dreams and goals!

12. I can't believe I'm back on some work again! Finally... I hope this could be the "real" start.

13. It pays to be Honest and True to your self. You may lose a few people in your life because of this, but trust me, nothing is more important than being true not only to the people around you, but most especailly to yourself.

That's it for now. I will update this entry once I've come up with another set of thoughts.

"When you lie
, Be Consistent. (="

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