Review: MEG Grand Go-See '08

It's only half past 11 in the morning but I already feel excited about going to the Go-See; not because I will join the MEG Face Search, but finally, I would get to see the people I've grown to love in meg again. Then come afternoon I received a text from Ana, saying that she can't make it for the night because they will be having a rehearsal til 11pm. Ganda! I texted (EIC) Peewee instead and asked her if she was visiting the Go-See because I will be there to meet Nica and Florian. After a while she replied to me and said that she will be there but can't stay til 6pm because she will be attending another event. 

I told myself that it's ok coz we may still meet if I leave early (in the office). I left at 5:11 in the office, hoping I could come to Glorietta before 6pm, which I did. I arrived at SM Makati at 5:45 and since I don't know where the Go-See booth is I texted Peewee to ask where the meg booth was located but she did not reply )=. Good thing the booth was just at the Activity Center! I was surprised to see the fabulous booth where a lot of girls are lining up for the registration, the make over booths, and the photo booth (where they will have their picture taken). I keep on walking around the booth, trying to find someone I know (while Nica hasn't arrived yet). "Wow, in-fairness ang daming sponsors ha!" I said to myself. I keep walking and stopping around the booth, actually trying to look for either Peewee or Tin (Yang). As I stopped for a while to text Nica, a man walk up to me and offered me to "join the search." I told him, "No thanks, I was just waiting for a friend, Manong", but in reality, I was like "Uhm, manong, I'm already contented (with just) writing for meg." I walk into the registration booth and look for the magazines they are selling (looking for the May issue) and again, a lady told me to "join the search" because they also offer "free make over."

Being the suplada that I am I said no and kept looking at the magazines. As I was getting a bit sad about not seeing Peewee (coz we're supposed to meet so we can catch up), I sat down and read my texts. Thankfully, Nica finally texted me and said that she's already on her way to Glorietta (with an officemate). I also received a text from Peewee saying that she just left (along with the directions) but will be here tomorrow. Anyway, when Nica and her officemate arrived we decided to go to the go-see booth and check it out. Too bad we can't enter just like that coz the booths are exclusive for girls who are joining the MEG Face Search '08. Because of our eagerness to go inside Nica and I decided to buy the magazine and proceed with the go-see just so we can enter the meg booth. It was funny coz we (have to) pretend that we're both 21 and a college student! Hahaha! Anyway, upon waiting for our turn for the make over I finally saw Tinny, holding lists that facilitators use to write the contestant's number and name. She said that she was assigned in the Styling section and told us that we can only have our hair and make up done (obvious reasons). I introduced her to Nica and then dished out to go back to work.

After 50 years of waiting, the guy, Michael, finally called us for make up. We were headed to The Face Shop booth where we met our "make up artists." I finished first so I get my camera from my bad and take snap shots of Nica having made up. When Nica was finished she told me, "let's have a picture with our stylists", which they gamely approved. As Nica and I were about to go out to meet Florian, Michael called us again and said we're not done yet, but we told him that we will not finish the makeover anymore because we're leaving. He gave us our "passport" as a remembrance. Nica, Florian and I went to Starbucks so we can talk about things. Too bad Nica's "iniirog" wasn't there. =))

We stayed in Starbucks for the next few hours talking about MEG days, MEG babies, and our inis-ness for HER ("L.B."). We talked about how we miss the Pierra-Mabel-Peewee tandem, our own internships, and the UAAP seasons. Nica and I also talked about out upcoming article (yes, we're working together again, yay!). She shared that when she was to tell Peewee that she needed help for the article (because the topic will surely create a buzz once published) and that she's seeking help from me, Peewee told her (something like), "Oo nga, asan na ang bruhang 'yon? Bakit hindi siya nagpaparamdam? Sasabunutan ko yun eh!" Hehe, sorry po ate ha! Anyway, no more spoilers... =p We talked until both our "sundo" came. We parted ways and hugged each other goodbye, hoping we would meet again some other time. All in all, I was actually impressed with this year's Go-See because aside from the fact that they have a lot of sponsors, a lot of girls really participated in the search. I missed working for meg, and I'm really excited to finally work again... even for the "Labor of Love" (if you know what I mean).

A little drama on the side: exciting as it may seem for me to write and contribute again, I'm really really nervous as to how my writings will come out. I don't want to disappoint the people who trusted me (that I can do it) and going for this is my biggest fear. I just wish I can pull this off and make a difference to other teens, just like (what happened to) my debut article, "Remembering My Mom".

When you lie, Be Consistent."

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