THE Best LEAdventure (so far)!

It was such a greeeeaaaat experience at the My Life On Stage concert and although this wasn't the first time that we'll be meeting Lea Salonga in person, the after show feels like it.

The Meet and Greet was fun! Although we didn't had the chance to get close with her, it was touching that it seemed like she wanted to pause when she saw us at the entrance but we chose not to bother her anymore because it's already late and there's still one more show the next day.

So yes, I watched on both nights but it was really worth it. The second night was double fun compared to the first night! After the concert we headed to the backstage (though very unsure because we didn't have the passes), but because we're so into meeting Lea we followed all the way to the tent where the Meet and Greet is happening (thanks so Sheilla, by the way).

Not the very first thing in mind, yes we lined up just to have a picture and an autograph signed. We don't usually do it, but decided to because we don't want to happen what we experienced last night. When it was me and Rico's turn Lea said, "Oh here they are!" I knew she knows we're AFLSers.

After she signed my program I asked her if we could have a picture taken with Jeff's cam. She said sure and pose, after that, she called everyone else to join us for a group pic, "Hey, come here!" So we asked the "guards" to take the picture and thanked Manang after that.

I wasn't going to elaborate on that more (coz I have review of the concert to be posted soon) but it was so far THE BEST.

Watch out for the telecast on ABS-CBN on June 15th. The Making of Cinderella will also air on ABS-CBN this Sunday, June 1st.

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