Have you ever hated your parents? Have they ever hurt you, physically or mentally, that made you cursed them? I admit I'm not the best daughter my parents ever had; I have had gaps with them before and have done a lot of crazy things that they punished me for it, but there is something I know I have to be proud of.

I had a friend whose father isn't the best father in the world. She once told me that his father had other family (or was it families?) and the worse part is his father sometimes asked money from her to finance the needs of his second family. As the prime daughter my friend felt a little anger for her dad so when she has a boyfriend, she moved out of the house and live with her boyfriend's (family) house. Their relationship lasted for a few years until they broke up of third party.

However, even though her father already had another family he still go home at their house to spend some time with them. Several months after they broke up, she had a new boyfriend that seemed ok with her family, but it was the other way around for the guy's side. They were a happy couple until she met this girl in our office that filled all the things her boyfriend can't. We tried to talk to her and tell not to do "that" because she is taken by another person. But little did we know, it's already been a few weeks since they have been together. I felt a bit mad at her because I felt like she made no difference with her father. And here's why:

I believe in the saying, "Ang ginawa ng matanda ay gagawin din ng bata" and for me cheating on her boyfriend doesn't make any difference with his father cheating at her mother. What is more disappointing is that she hated her father that she even shared once, "kung merong mauuna sa kanila (ng nanay ko), sana siya na lang."

I know my father hurt us as well before.... having girlfriends only several months after mom passed away, and some (I mean most) are even younger than me. I almost hated him because he let it happened to us, but I realized I can't really hate him... because I respect him and I love him as my father.

I don't understand why there are sons and daughter who treated their parents like that. They're also human, they've also become sons and daughters, and I know, they know better than us. If they made something bad to our family, I think it's not only him that should be blamed, but us as well because we let it happened.

I am glad that while my dad is back in his old "binata life", my siblings and I stay stucked together amidst the trials. And one reason behind this I think is that because when my parents are still together, they taught us the values of respect, love and loyalty. And one more thing is that even if mom wasn't here anymore, my dad worked so hard to make the three of us graduate from college... And I am very proud of it!

"When you lie, Be Consistent."

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