Theme Song(s) ng Buhay Ko...

1. Song that would remind you of your ex?
> n/a

2. Song you usually sing when your in the bathroom?
> no particular song (depends on my mood)

3. Song that you offer for your special someone right now?
> Flaws and All by Beyonce

4. Song that you want someone to sing to you?
> The Promise by Martin Nievera

5. Song you used to sing when you were in pre-school?
> disney songs

6. Song you and your mom/dad love to sing?
> dad always want me to sing "How did you know" in Vid-oke

7. Song that's playing on your mind right now?
> Listen by Beyonce

8. Song that would make you cry?
> There are lots; Listen, Flaws and All, Two Words (Lea Salonga), On My Own  (Les Miz) , I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miz), etc.

9. Current song you downloaded?
> With You by Chris Brown

10. Song on your friendster profile?
> Makes Me Wonder - Marie Digby cover (audio), Listen - Beyonce

11. Song that would make you groove?
> Get Me Bodied (Beyonce), Don't Stop the Music (Rihanna), Whine Up (Kat de Luna), Low (Flo-Rida ft T-Pain), Straight Up (Sean Paul), etc

12. Song most played on your IPOD/MP4?
> Beyonce and Lea songs

13. Ringtone of your Cellphone?
> Two Words-With You I'm Born Again by Rob Chien and Lea Salonga (Calls), Umbrella by Marie Digby (Texts)

14. Song that you hate the most?
> Ulan by Cueshe at madami pang iba

15. Favorite song when you were in highschool?
> This I Promise You

16. Song that would best describe your current situation?
> Listen by Beyonce

17. Song you always hear nowadays?
> Bug-A-boo/Beyonce Experience album (Still on High)

18. You and your bestfriend's themesong?
> This I Promise You (You know who you are)

19. Song you always sing in a videoke?
> I Honestly Love You, depends on my mood

20. when you die, what song will be played on your funeral?
> OMG, I don't know... maybe Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan

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