Centennial Confessions...

Waaahah this is my 101th post... I can't believe I reached my first hundredth post here in blogger... Started out when I was in college, I've already, almost, forgot about this blog, but here I am, typing my 101th post. 

I can't believe how many thoughts I have shared to, well, anyone who reads this blog... if there is any! =p But if truth be told, I am proud of this blog coz this contains original thoughts and not a blog full of copy-pasted material... like some GIRLs do. =p

Hmmm, if YOU read this well this is the only thing I could say to you:

There is nothing you can do with this rant but just raise your eyebrow coz I won't stop doing this. I am entitled for my own view point so I will say whatever the heck I wanted to say, so long as I don't name names... (coz that's more decent than blurting out a name) If you want, you can blog it... Come on, you can write it out, you're free to write it... Can you? (=

Anyway... I am happy right now. Not just because all my efforts paid off but because little by little, all the ugly ones are going away. And No, I did not put a cursed on them... It just happened. =p

So one more thing before I go, I wanted everyone to know that this is staying alive... so you'll probably see another hundred of this... and hopefully, more than hundreds.

"When you lie, Be Consistent."

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