Random Thoughts 101: Of England Jersey, Beyonce, and Today's Rally

England Jersey #08:
It's Friday and I am wearing all red today. Today I was wearing this cute red #08 England jersey bebi and I bought last weekend at 168. Sooooooooo cute! I topped it with my red peep toe flats, jeans, and my red lacoste back pack. Joy was teasing me "Happy Birthday" when she saw me in the comfort room... Happy Birthday pa?!

Beyonce vs. Charice Pempengco:
A few weeks ago I heard my officemates talk about Charice Pempengco's version of Listen (from the movie, Dreamgirls). As everyone knows, Listen was sung by Beyonce and for me it was one of the best songs she's ever performed. Then I heard them said that Charice's version is way better than Beyonce because Beyonce can't sing it (live) the way she recorded it (coz in Beyonce Experience, she did not sing the high note part of the song, but did it on a lower note instead). I think it's kinda pathetic, comparing Beyonce into a thirteen (?) year old kid. I mean, come on, Charice has a good voice; I even think she's one of the best singers of her time, but puhlease! Do not compare her with Beyonce! Beyonce's version of the song is moving and knowing the lyric and the message of the song doesn't just suit Charice Pempengco. Beyonce has gone through a lot and for me her version is way flawless than Charice Pempengco and Bianca Ryan.

Makati Rally at 1pm:
This morning, while I was on my way to work a woman ride into the same bus I was riding in, holding a banner saying "Evil Gloria." I am not an Anti-Administration and neither a Pro-Admin, but I think that it's a bit stupid that these people will actually waste their time yelling at Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Avenue, to try and oust President Gloria. Well, yes, the woman had done a mistake, I meant we all do, but for me, even if they oust Gloria and put VP Noli de Castro into the position, if everyone else did not change then nothing good will really happen in the Philippines. I just wish that people will wake up to their senses and think of what should be really done. Let her finish her term, saka kayo mag-agawan sa pwesto! (And for sure, Jun Lozada is already thinking of running for the 2010 elections).

Oh please, God Bless the Philippines.

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