The Pursuit of Happy-ness

Picture this: You are alone in your station, doing your stuff, while everyone else around you talks happily about nothingness. Lunch time go and you are eating alone by yourself. Come dismissal time, and still you are alone... Would you be happy if it were you experiencing all that?

But of course I will!

Well, these past few days I am alone "there". Not literally though, but I have no company as I go through each and every day. No one to talk to when things get boring and no one to ride the jeepney when it's time to come home. But, as weird as it may seem, I am actually having fun being alone these past few days.
The perks are as follows:'

1. I can eat wherever I want.
2. I can eat whatever I want.
3. I am able to do my task as many as I used to finished.
4. When things get boring, I just easily turn my music on and listen to my fave songs at the moment.
5. I can go home as early or as late as I want to... Without no one I have to wait!
6. I can go straight home without passing through the mall first and check out whatever I see.
7. I am assured that my client is satisfied with my work (because I am fully concentrated with it).
8. When it's time to work, I can go straight to work.
9. I don't need to listen to endless stories no more (which is a disturbance to my work)!
10. I can fully concentrate with my task.

You may think that the list is kinda retarded but I am telling you, I really enjoy the things going right now. And believe it or not, it is sooooo ok for me to keep it that way.

And besides, I am doing something I SHOULD be doing... not something that isn't in my LINE OF WORK. Why wouldn't I be happy with that? (=

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