It's half past 11 and I'm still not in the mood to eat anything.

I had bread, steak, egg and tomatoes for breakfast and right now I still don't wanna eat when I know I should. So I went to ministop to grab something to eat later when I felt hungry. I was supposed to buy donuts but I instead get two Cream-O's, a bottle of water, and Cadburry's Chocettes.
I actually feel a bit dizzy; I presumed this was because of coffee because I am already drinking coffee for three days straight. For those who didn't know, I stopped drinking coffee (and avoided drinking Iced Tea that often) last year because it made me feel dizzy and have butterflies in my stomach. But lately I started drinking again, thinking that it's just because of the water.
And when I do drink coffee for how many straight days, this happens, and I mean I really feel dizzy when this happens.

But hey, I love coffee and I couldn't (and wouldn't) just resist it.

I actually had coffee (again) this morning so maybe that's why I am not yet in the mood to eat anything (besides still feeling full).

Suddenly, I remember what my tita's Feng Shui book said about the Oxen people...

Watch out for stomach and digestive system...


"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

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ANNA M said...

too much caffeine..tsk tsk..whats so good about coffee?

Jhack said...

i love coffee, baket ba? =p

ANNA M said...

hahaha! just asking din, baket? :D

Jhack said...

ask pa? hmp! =p

ANNA M said...

what's so good about coffee? :D