Amidst the Silence...

You know when you have a silent war going on between your colleagues... which is better, a fight that is like a roller coaster ride, so loud and nasty; or something like mercy killing? Quiet yet your insides are like bomb, ready to explode anytime?

I have been "alone" for the past few weeks, and though I could actually say that I am happy, things around me are pretty nasty. I love being alone, but seeing the freaky people inside makes me just go crazy.

I don't wanna hear no nonsense stories about people I don't know... their crappy-ness and bullsh!ts in life, anything that is a total waste of my precious time.

But hey, I cannot take that away from them... It's their right, I mean, they can say whatever the heck they want, so long as I don't hear my name.

And one more thing before I go back to my work, I just wanted to tell the world that I am happy... because little by little, I am beginning to eliminate the nonsense people in my life. =)

Mean but yes, it's true!

"When you lie, Be Consistent. (="

5 shout outs:

ANNA M said...

ah, office feuds..hmm

ANNA M said...

hmm, office feuds..nasty

Jhack said...

ha! nasty ba? i'd say fun, funny, funniest! =p

ANNA M said...

ay, really? tyaga mooo!!

Jhack said...

why friend? hello?! hindi naman ako nagtatrabaho to be Miss Congeniality noh! And besides, who needs 9,999 friends kung lahat sila Etchosera?! =p