The past week was weird. I don't know if it was just because I was so hooked up with Patayin sa Sindak si Barbara or what, but heck it really is weird!

Last week I had a dream about my Mommy. Actually, I dreamed of her for two consecutive days already. I wanted to know what is the real meaning behind that and though thoughts are starting to form into my crazy little mind, things are still vague for me.

1st Night: The Resurrection.
It was as if she rose from the dead. She was lying into their bed, in their original bedroom. She was well and strong, seeming like she didn't have cancer. I asked her where is she sleeping (at the time she was 'gone' here on earth) and answered me with, "sa simbahan... minsan sa kalsada..." She also added that she's even going to work (in SSS) sometimes but the one thing that really marked with me was when she said, "Andito lang naman ako sa tabi-tabi eh..."

2nd Night: Tragedy.
I was standing (or sitting) in front of a building (more like a church) when I saw Abei hit by an SUV truck. Because the impact of the hit was so strong she died in an instant and was placed in a Funeral home. While her remains was still in their, her father had their home reconstructed (beautifully) because that's what she wants.

I went home to rest and prepare the DVD's I am going to return to her the next day and as I lay in my bed, preparing to sleep, Abei texted me with, 
"Pwede sama ka na lang sa'ken Next Year? 
Ay hindi, pwede next month? 
Pwede next week? 
Pwede bukas? 

AY hindi... Pwede, MAMAYA na lang?"

I was scared by the text so I cover myself with the blanket when someone lay beside me and hold my hand. I pull of the covers and saw it was my Mommy. I was shocked and asked her, "Ba't ganyan hitsura mo?" (you know how people looked like when he is about to die? that's what she looked like!) She didn't answer me and just tell me, "Ayun oh, MCU Monumento!" I was like, "What?" and she told me, "Siyempre ako lang nakakakita no'n..."

Next day came and I was preparing to leave (to meet Abei... how weird) and return the three DVD's I borrowed. Before I leave I checked her refrigerator-like football treasures and arranged it. As I was about to go, someone like stopped me from going and the dream was cut.

Actually, this whole dream thing for was just like a "sign" from her that maybe, it's time for us to visit her at the cemetery (because we, her children, didn't visit her last Jan 16th (her 5th Death Anniversary), but still, I didn't know what the true story behind these... And I wanna know what it is. For real.

I miss you so much, Mommy...
I Love You... We, Love You.

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