Hello 2008!

Happy 2008 everyone! The start of my year has so far been kinda good and I think it's time for me to list the things I would like to change (a little) about myself. I don't want to promise something because I'd hate it if I didn't get to fulfill that resolutions, so I will just list them and we’ll see if I could keep them. =)

1. Eat More. Eat Healthy. There was a time last year when I weighed 82lbs. so I think it is time for me to regain (even) my old weight (90-93lbs). I once thought I was Bulimic or anorexic because after every meal I feel like throwing up (but not actually doing it).
2. Save. Save. Save. When I started working I used to save P2,000 a month but few months later things changed. I’ve actually saved some to my alkansya but it ain’t seemed enough so I will save as much as I can.
3. Looking “Nangi” No More. When I was in college it’s totally okay for me if I looked nangi. Kahit na magulo ang buhok ko or hindi ako nakapag-suklay wala akong pake-alam! But I’m 22 now and I think it is time for me to be (a little) conscious about how I look.
4. Be (more) patient. I know I know, yan ang isa sa mga sakit ko ever since… masyadong mainipin! Maybe it’s time for me to be a little more patient… whatever it takes! =p

And last but definitely not the least…

5. Always do what you think is right. Actually, this isn’t a resolution anymore. This is just one thing I want to keep. Don’t just keep quiet if you think you are right. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating your own side of the story.

Hindi ba tama???

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