bessies no more... ?!

how are we gonna truly measure our bond friendship with our best friend?
the time frame we're together?
all the things that we have gone through?
when can we say that a person is really our "best friend?"
when we start to call each other one?

for sure, each one of us has one... or more. 
bes, bessy, best friend, girl, or whatever we call her...
sometimes, (or most of the time), we "vow" to each other to stick together
no matter what it takes...we're still be "bessies for life."

but like in any kind of relationship,
ours is always being put to test.
whatever cause it may be...
and when that time comes...
where would the friendship go?

some overcame those tests...
while others doesn't...
some becomes Ok after...
and others have turned to worst enemies.

so when that happens,
where do we go from there?

well, i had to admit that i just had one of the worse test of friendship i had with one of the most important girl in my life... my bessy. let's just say that the cause was a little miscommunication... actually, a BIG miscommunication... and misunderstanding. but after such chaotic and very dramatic scene, things seemed back to normal... until recently.

i once viewed her profile and found out she had, well, a "new" bes. i tried not to mind what i discovered because for me it is her right to choose her friends, especially her best friend/s. But i don't know why it hit me like a bullet, seeing that someone is NOW calling her the same name i used to call her. but inside me, honestly, it's ok. if that makes her happy then who am i to get mad? i'm not a selfish person and if my bessy "feels" it then go. anyway, i don't want her to feel whatever i have felt before.

i wouldn't say that someone has taken her away from me and from the world because one, i don't know what they have gone through and i am not there when whatever happened happens. i also don't wanna judge the other person because i know that whatever she has and whoever she is, i know that my bessy and her have a lot in common.

i just feel a little "unsure" of what are we really now as to what we claim we are before. maybe we are still bessies. maybe we aren't... anymore. but the bottom line is... we all should learn how to let go... and grow old.

my apologies bessy for "broadcasting" this.

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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