Dumb or What???

I'm pretty sure everyone who's reading this blog right now knows that I've been "adoring" MEG for quite long now. Then lately, I don't know what was happening to me and things get... I dunno, but you would think it's being "dumb."

Just a few days ago, I bought my copy of MEG June ish at a nearby magazine stand on my way to the office. Right after I've purchased my copy, I opened up my copy and started reading it. I did fine on my way... in Tagalog, Normal pa'ko mag-isip. :p

I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the anniv ish! Really!! I love the cover (with all that polka dot thingy & Mean Girls feature in Think About It... grabe yung mga girls dun! Naisip ko nga, di naman kame ganun ka-mean! :p

I also tried Nica's Pop Quiz about "How Well Do You Know MEG." I was happy because I got 6 out of 8 questions! The clincher question was really hard ha! Itanong daw ba kung ilang issue na meron ang meg including the June 2006 ish!! Sus! Para kong tanga sa MRT na nagku-kwenta kung ilang issue na ba meron ang MEG! Anyway, my first kwenta was kinda close to the answer- I calculated it was 84 issues, pero when I looked sa choices, wala pa lang 84 dun!!! Lol!!! The correct answer was 87.

Anyway, I also like this month's Full Trauma Alert! It was about the MEG ed's Hall of Shame... and if I remembered it right, I was the one who suggested it to Nica (or Mabel). Soooooooooo funny!!!! Especially EIC Pierra's entry! Nakakahiya!! Lol!!!

When I get to the office, I put my MEG aside first and tried to go on with my work... trying hard not to think about MEG. Then while I was on my way home, I ride in MRT again, grab my MEG and started reading it again. I was so "serious" upon reading MEG that I even forgot it was time to go out of the MRT na!!! Muntikan pa'kong masarhan ng door ng MRT because of my clumsiness!!!!!!!

Yeah, so it happened twice. And then one time, I even found myself in front of Strata 100!!! I didn't really know what got into me and bigla akong napunta ng Strata 100!!!! I was so shocked and can't help myself from laughing out! I was soooooooooooooooo dumb!!!

Now I wonder, is it being DUMB or What??? Does that mean that I'm meant for MEG??? That I should be going on my way not to Cubao, but to Ortigas??? Please tell me!!!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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