Ako Naman!!!

It's been weekssssssss since I last updated this blog, pa'no kase I'm sooooooo busy updating and creating other people's blog and site. Haaaayy!!! Na-miss ko din ang sariling akin!

It's been a month since we started this project, and I admitted, that I'm getting used to this kinda job- this promotion thingy, I mean. Kaya lang, kung kelan naman nagiging ok na ang lahat, baket lagi na lang may umeepal!?! F talaga!!! Sometimes I wanna kill them, vanquish them, prey 'em to death, and curse them not to live the next day. But I dunno! Eto na naman ako! Umiiral na naman ang pagka-"accepting tasks given to her in a professional manner" attitude ko! Rar!!!

Anyway, I'm ok naman with my job right now.. My girls are ok, they're fun to be with, and they're all nice! Good thing we're all together in this project, kasi if not malamang araw-araw akong nabobore sa ginagawa ko! And what's nice being with them was that when we're together, parang wala nang bukas! We were all laughing everytime na maguusap-usap kame!!

Next week, I dunno if I'm still gonna do what I'm doing right now. Sana mag-extend pa yung client, para naman magkakasama pa rin kame. I swear pag nagkalayo na kameng tatlo, naku! Goodluck na lang sa'ken!!! :(

It's almost 5pm, and I'm leaving in a while, so till next post.... don't ask me when coz I can't give an answer!

It's MEG's 8th anniversary party tonight and I'm going with Ana and Anette, and my best friend Lau. I hope this will be a great night for all of us... para sumaya naman ako today kahit konti lang!!!

"When you got something in your head, don't stop until you're really, really good at it." -Lea Salonga

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